JOHN Kear has welcomed a dose of realism returning to the Bulls as season-ticket sales clear the 1,000 barrier.

The uptake for the switch to next year's temporary home at Dewsbury has gone down well with the club hierarchy.

And Kear believes the fans are appreciating the more grounded approach since the takeover.

He said: “One thing that the new owners have done is set realistic targets with regards to income rather than ambitious. Because of that, the RFL are looking at us in a different light.

“Then it’s great when your realistic target is exceeded.

“The supporters have lived on false promises for a long time.

“I think now it’s achievable realism that’s being marketed to them. We also appreciate that as a playing group.”

The Bulls had budgeted in their financial forecasts for 2020 with the RFL to break four figures with sales.

Part owner Mark Sawyer said: “There’s been quite a run of tickets sold in these last two or three weeks. We’re just hoping it gets as high as possible.

“But it’s good news that we’ve reached that level already and passed the 1,000 mark.

“There have obviously been many headlines and I think the fans have seen we’ve resolved the majority of issues that were there in the short term.

“I think people are now looking forward to the season coming up, rather than what’s happened in the past.”

Kear is happier to hear his bosses focusing on the here and now as they prepare for the move to the Tetleys Stadium. He insists the Bulls will achieve nothing by living on previous glory.

“When I first got there I said we were a League One team,” he added. “I’m not saying a League One club but that’s where we found ourselves.

“I don’t think it went down very well with some people but you have to be realistic.

“Thankfully we got out of that and now we’re a Championship team. What we’ve got to do is work hard to become a Super League team.

“The infrastructures are there for Super League but at the minute the club and the team play at Championship level. That’s the top and bottom of it.

“Otherwise you get carried away and get a sense of entitlement. That won’t do you any good because then you feel hard done to when you don’t get what you think you’re entitled to.”