AMIN Jahanzeb wants to capture his first title in the professional ranks in the new year after outpointing his opponent.

The super bantamweight comfortably outboxed Taka Bembere throughout the contest to record his sixth win in as many fights.

Jahanzeb led with the jab in the opener, landing fierce uppercuts to the head of the rope-bound Bembere, before portraying his renowned fast footwork to cause frustration.

The Bradford fighter began the second on the back foot before regaining his dominance, coming forward with powerful shots to the body during the fight held at the Metrodome in Barnsley.

A round later, the jab was used to great effect again, slipping through the guard to constantly bash the Zimbabwean’s face and effectively disable any response.

It got a bit scrappy temporarily in the fourth with a wrestle amassing in the centre of the ring. Once the referee intervened, Jahanzeb was back unloading vicious blows to the midriff.

The home boxer utilised the right uppercut to perfection as Bembere could not handle the power or array of punches coming his way.

Despite, an inspection from the doctor, Bembere was declared fit enough to continue to face a rampant Jahanzeb, who was looking for the finish, deploying several body shots before the final bell rung.

The 23-year-old is now aiming to progress by increasing the number of rounds for each of his bouts before seizing on an opportunity to collect his first strap next year.

Speaking on his victory, firstly, Jahanzeb said: “It felt great, I finally did the full six rounds.

“We wanted a better opponent but sometimes they are not available, a lot of these fighters are booked to fight other prospects, but it was good to get the rounds in.

“I want to say a big thanks to my sponsors and supporters for backing me in this tough sport. Without them it wouldn’t be possible to do what I do.”

He added: “I want to get as many titles as possible, climb up the rankings and see what we can do, hopefully I will get a title shot in the middle of next year.

“I have been sparring kids like Kid Galahad, Lee Selby and Lee McGregor. Top class fighters who are definitely improving me.

“My manager, Stefy Bull, is picking me the right opponents to test me out, getting me the tricky guys to see how I perform against them.

“It is all about timing, I just want to get the right learning fights in and fight some tough opponents.

“I know I am ready to fight the eight and 10 rounders but it is about steps, we don’t want to run and jump into something.”

Having only had 19 amateur fights, winning 15, Jahanzeb turned professional aged 21 and has since pledged his full commitment to boxing.

The orthodox fighter has boxed in his home town and wants to become a flag bearer for the sport in Bradford but he has ruled out one potential inner-city clash unless someone can offer the big bucks.

He said: "I had my first three pro fights in Bradford and before then there was hardly any pro boxing in the city.

"Me and a few other Bradford fighters were on that show and hopefully people in Bradford can get excited about boxing again.

"Me and Zeeshan (Khan, a fellow Bradfordian who recently won a central title) are like family, we trained out of the same amateur gym.

"We are both at different weights, I am going to campaign at super bantamweight and he is fighting at super/featherweight."

Jahanzeb laughed: "There is no chance for us to fight unless there is a £1 million on offer."