MEMBER clubs in the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League have agreed to keep their constitution the same as for the 2019 campaign.

Groups A and B will each have 10 teams with Group C having nine, and two rounds of the cup will be played on Saturdays, making a 20-week season starting on April 25.

The other option was to start the campaign a week earlier, have a 21-week season, including playing some teams three times, and play cup games on a Sunday.

"When you play cup games on a Saturday you have better-quality teams," said league chairman Nick Spachis at their annual meeting at the Karmand Centre.

This was another positive in his annual report, where he also stated that the league had had some notable successes financially and playing-wise and that there had been some big scores, notably in the top division.

League secretary Hafeez Rahman said in his annual report: "We have had talks with the Bradford League to try and raise the profile of our league."

Meanwhile, teas are back on the menu in the Sunday School League after a one-year drop-off.

A unanimous vote of 29-0 agreed to enforce rule 20k, which states that each club will provide a variety of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and hot drinks, while visiting clubs must order at least seven teas, excluding the scorer, to the value of £21.

It was also agreed that the executive committee should vet all new applications to the league (passed 20-8) and that votes which affect just one division of the league should be voted on by all clubs rather than just the clubs in that section.

Umpires' fees will be raised from £30 to £35.

Constitution - Group A: Apperley Bridge, Bradford Gymkhana A, Bradford Indians, Bradford Moor YCA, Girlington A, Great Horton Church A, Northcliffe, Omars, Salem Athletic A, Yorkshire LPS. Group B: Allerton A, Bradford Gymkhana B, Bowling Baptists A, Cambing, Girlington B, Great Horton Church B, Hallfield A, Salem Athletic B, TABS, Yorkshire Friends. Group C: Bowling Baptists B, Bradford Phoenix, Central YMCA, Greenfield, Hallfield B, Mandhata, West Bowling, Yorkshire LPS B, Yorkshire Riders (formerly Allerton B).