MARK Sawyer says the revamped Yorkshire Cup has not been ditched for good.

Bradford were one of eight clubs who took part in the pre-season county competition in January but the event won't be held next year.

However, Bulls part-owner Sawyer says the concept could be revisited in future seasons, insisting he was relatively pleased with how it went.

He said: "Clubs have spoken between themselves. There’s been a bit of uncertainty involving one or two clubs and we just thought we’d have a breather next year.

"There’s a chance it could get resurrected the following year – that’s the general feeling.

"I thought it went quite well. There hasn’t been any preparation this year. With Bradford moving to Dewsbury, we’ve had plenty to sort out there.

"But there is a fair chance it could come back the year after."

Bulls won the 2019 competition, beating Batley 14-12 at Mount Pleasant in the final in front of a crowd reported to be more than 3,000.

Fellow Championship clubs Dewsbury, Featherstone, Halifax and York, League One side Hunslet and Hunslet Club Parkside were the other sides to take part, with National Conference League champions Parkside being late replacements for Keighley, who had financial issues at the time.

With three other pre-season fixtures, playing in the Yorkshire Cup meant Bulls had six warm-up games ahead of the start of the 2019 league campaign.

Factor in their extended Challenge Cup run and John Kear's side did not have a week off until late July. That was something the coach was keen to avoid next year, though Bulls have five games arranged prior to the February 2 kick-off.

The fifth one to be confirmed - the trip to Hunslet on Sunday, January 5 - has been organised to honour an agreement with the Leeds club following the signing of hooker George Flanagan in February 2018.

Sawyer, who is also chairman of Dewsbury, believes a manageable Yorkshire Cup format can be looked at again, adding: "We're open to conversation between the clubs. It’s certainly not a case of it’s been definitely ditched. It worked quite well."

The old Yorkshire Cup ran from 1905 through to 1992 and was last won by Wakefield, who beat Sheffield Eagles in the final at Elland Road.

Bradford won it 11 times, most recently in 1989 when they beat Featherstone at Headingley.