JOHN Kear insists the pieces are falling into place with his Bulls squad as he targets a couple more additions before Christmas.

The Bradford coach also expects several loan signings to be sorted in January once they have firmed up a dual-reg arrangement with a Super League club.

The Bulls are thought to be one of several teams talking with Toronto and a decision on that possible link-up should be soon.

Kear has so far brought in experienced duo Anthony England and Greg Johnson and remains confident recruitment will be up to speed before the 2020 Championship season kicks off.

He said: “We’re hoping to get another two or three players in and then in January we’re hoping for a raft of players in from a club who have indicated they will help us for this season.

“That will make us look very competitive and make my job a lot easier. I’m also certain it will bolster the confidence of the players and the fans.

“The two people we’ve brought in are top quality players. They are just right for us.

“Things are falling into place for us and Greg and Anthony will offer greatly to the squad. I think a few eyebrows might have been raised.”

England and Johnson have both played under Kear before and that past relationship was a big factor in persuading them to leave Super League for the Bulls.

“They know where we’re at and what we’re trying to achieve,” he added. “They are more than happy to roll up their sleeves and have a dig and I think the move has suited them in their careers as well.

“They know you’ll respect them and treat them accordingly and you hope that’s reciprocated.

“I’ve always enjoyed their company, I’ve enjoyed working with them and, most importantly, what they offer on the field is first class.

“They’ve both got different objectives of what they want to achieve.”

Having brought in England, Kear still wants another forward to boost a pack that has lost Ross Peltier.

“We were a bit short,” he admitted. “We’ve got really promising young players and obviously there’s Liam Kirk and Steve Crossley.

“But you can’t expect those two to play every minute of every game. You’ll see the benefit from Anthony coming in because he’s a big fella, very imposing and he’ll make sure he looks after the younger players.”

Kirk, who recently signed a new deal, has played 76 games in the last three seasons but is still only 22.

Kear added: “He has got a great deal of experience for one so young. You look at the valuable experience he’ll gain with Anthony and Steve this coming year.”