CLUBS who concede matches late in the Dales Council League in 2020 could be subject to a £30 fine.

A proposal to that end by the league's executive committee, which was seconded by Muff Field, was passed unanimously at the league's annual meeting at Pudsey Congs.

Rule 17b now reads: "If the non-offending club submits a claim to the league within seven days of the affected match then the first £30 of any fine shall not be convertible to a points deduction (a £10 fine means a one-point deduction, a £20 fine two points etc).

"The fine shall be paid in full to the league and £30 will be passed on to the non-offending club to cover all their expenses and lost revenue (tea money, bar takings etc).

"The offending club will also be liable for any attending umpires' expenses."

Clubs can also be fined £10 per item (a cleaning fee) if they return league trophies in a heavily tarnished condition.

Meanwhile, it was also unanimously agreed (17-0) that a loan system be brought in for next season.

However, the exact wording of the rules regarding loan players will be tweaked by the league's executive committee and announced in the new year.

League chairman Colin White reminded clubs to play by the MCC's spirit of cricket, while Umpires' Association representative Paul Whiteley reminded clubs that players can be sent off for 10 overs or for the rest of the game.

Officers elected - President, Geoff Cope. Chairman, Colin White. Secretary: Ron Mackenzie. Treasurer: Neil Bonnington. Fixture secretary: Ken Firth. Auditor: Ron Mackenzie. Umpires' representative: Paul Whiteley. Representative to West Yorkshire League Council: Ron Mackenzie.