CITY of Bradford swimmers claimed 19 golds, 27 silvers and 20 bronze medals at the Sheffield City Memorial Graded long course meet held at Ponds Forge Sheffield.

Keira Hinchcliffe, Sophia Gledhill, Katie Wiles, Evie Hobson, Megan Richmond and Amelia Fullerton, all received two gold medals in the girls event.

Whilst in the boys events two golds were awarded to Fraser Buxton and Tyler Bower.

Evelyn Gledhill, Pheanie Banks, and John Luke Hutchinson, each gained a single gold medal.

Sophia Gledhill and Keira Hinchcliffe were granted with speeding tickets after they were too fast for A Grade.

Silver medal winners: Jakub Marszewski, Evie Hobson, Pheanie Banks, Josh Hutchinson, John Luke Hutchinson, Laura Temple, Holly Vasey, Oscar Hobson, Sophia Gledhill, Evelyn Gledhill, Thea Barandia, Jamie Connolly, Niamh O’Brien, Tyler Bower, Fraser Buxton and Ciara O’Carroll.

Bronze medal winners: Josh Hall, Oscar Hobson, Keira Hinchcliffe, Katie Wiles, Amelia Fullerton, Evie, Hobson, Lillia Richmond, Sam Akers, Erin O’Carroll, John Hutchinson, Niamh O’Brien, Thea Barandia, Fraser Buxton, Holly.Vasey and Laura Temple.

All swimmers train on the Bradford Aquatics Competition Programme under the guidance of coaches Andy Pearce and Sarah Fisher.