On Tuesday, November 19 at 8pm, we will be having our AGM. We want as many members as possible to turn up at this meeting as we want to project the club forward for the future.

Plenty to discuss so try and turn up if possible. And don't forget, at this meeting we will be voting for who you, the members, think should be the "Club man of the Year".

Also will all committee members try and attend this meeting for 7.15pm as we want to finalise ideas that we will put forward.


Very few reports of fish catches this week, probably due to the bad weather, apart from the canal where lure anglers are good sport with perch and pike.

The next club match is the Christmas Cheer on Sunday, December 15, not December 16 as stated in the yearbook.


There will be an increase in the price of club membership next year. Also the cost of the Moor Monkton pools permit has been dropped and members will be able to fish there without any further payment.

The winner of this year's Eddie Harrison Champions Trophy is J. Jordan, with 181 points. Runner up W. Collier had 141 points, while T. Hewson picked up 130 points.

The result of the match at Kippax Park on Tuesday was: 1. P. Bedal 74lb 15oz, 2. P. Carter 34lb 8oz 3. R. Thomas 26lb 11oz.

The Saturday match was won by S. Pearson (61lb 3oz). Second was A. Middleton (60lb 3oz) and third was A. Broomhead (33lb 4oz).

The Wednesday match at Moor Monkton pools was won by M. Gallagher (64lb 6oz). A. Warren came second (56lb 5oz) and S. Holmes (38lb 3oz) finished third.

The Sunday match was also won by M. Gallagher (99lb 10oz). B. Fisk was just behind in second (92lb 6oz) and A. Hormsby came third (72lb 11oz).

The match last Sunday on the River Ouse, which was carrying extra water, was on by A. Limbert, with one barbel and one eel for 8lb 8oz.

Runner up was A. Millar, with a chub weighing 5lb 10oz.


Supreme Angling at Horsforth has closed down, however next year we are hoping to have further outlets.

The heavy rains have made river banks dangerous and not many rods have been out. Those that have have not had much to report.

The canal has not had many anglers on the bank but quite a few have had respectable catches.

Next year, we will be offering members the chance of fishing on the opposite side to the tow path from Ross Mills Swing Bridge to the new houses.

Full details later.


The region having taken a battering from sustained rainfall, many people heeded the warnings to stay away from local riverbanks.

But some cautious and persistent anglers have reported multiple catches of perch, some weighing up to one and a half pounds, being landed on the Aire.

A jack pike with an estimated weight of around 5lb was brought to the bank near Stockbridge before being returned safely to the water.

As temperatures continue to fall, grayling are shoaling in their usual haunts and taking red maggot fished with stick-float and feeder methods mainly on size 16 hooks. Light frosts should encourage more grayling, especially on faster flowing sections of the river.

Following a successful year, Keighley Angling Club hopes to attract a good number of members to its annual general meeting at the Ryshworth Club, Crossflatts on Tuesday, November 19. The meeting starts at 7.30pm.


Our part of Yorkshire was lucky last Thursday. We had less than 25 millimetres of rain, which brought the level of the River Aire to the top of its banks, but with no flooding of the adjacent fields.

Surprisingly, by the weekend, the river level had fallen substantially and one or two anglers were to be seen in action around Skipton.

One angler from the Halifax area visited the Heslaker Lane stretch on three occasions and managed to catch fish on two of the days; two smallish grayling that were tempted by a double maggot.

During a conversation with him, he confirmed that the sport on this particular stretch of river had not come up to normal expectations this year, especially in the last few weeks when high water levels had made fishing difficult at times.

Catches of both trout and grayling had been lower and the fish caught had tended to be smaller in size.

His most memorable catch so far was the surprise capture of four roach weighing about 350 grams each, all from the same swim opposite Funkirk Farm.

Subsequent visits to the same spot indicated that the roach had moved on. Another unusual catch he had made from slightly lower down the river was two jack pike, about 30 centimetres in length, that took a worm in successive casts.

The roach captures were particularly interesting, as two other anglers had reported catching a few roach of similar size from the river just below Carleton beck end in August/September.

The last time roach were caught in any number from the Skipton AA. water was in a very mild March in 1989, when five fish were caught at Snaygill, all of specimen size ranging from 795g to 1,210g.

Whether the latest catches indicate a revival of this species in the Aire remains to be seen.

Prospects once again remain poor, with the weather forecast predicting more spells of heavy rain, low temperatures and the chance of snow on the hilltops.

The canal may be a decent alternative venue, although the cooler weather may finally take the edge off sport on this productive water.