BRADFORD Bulls have launched an interactive service for fans to ask questions about the club's current status, as they seek to address "disappointing" speculation on social media.

A consortium featuring Nigel Wood and his family and Dewsbury Rams chairman Mark Sawyer took over ownership of the club from Andrew Chalmers last month.

Along with interim chairman Eric Perez, the new regime is attempting to get the club back on an even keel following financial issues off the pitch.

The club say some on-line comments have been damaging and frustrating, claiming potential investors have been put off by what they have read.

On the Bulls website, they have sought to clarify numerous issues in a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions, and provided answers on a range of topics, including Wood, Chalmers, and what happens next to Odsal.

Perez has issued a strongly worded statement, saying: "I have to admit being disappointed by some of the speculative commentary about our club on social media.

"Some of the stuff I’ve read is bordering on the laughable and is putting off good people from getting involved through comments that have no foundation.

"That is why we have decided therefore to take the initiative and start an “Ask the Bulls” service for our supporters to get answers direct from the club and cut through some of this nonsense."

Here are the questions that Bulls have already addressed, as stated on their website.

Who actually owns the Bulls?

A group of people own a company called BBBBB Ltd (which stands for Bringing Bradford Bulls Back to Bradford) which in turn owns Bulls 2017 Ltd.

The club was previously owned by a company called Orcas’ Limited which was owned by Mr & Mrs Chalmers. Clearly a company had to be created to take over Orcas Ltd. position.

And who owns BBBBB Ltd.?

A number of people. The original consortium was intended to be three groups. One party decided not to proceed for their own reasons and the other two parties did.

As has been reported Mark Sawyer personally owns 24.9 per cent and his family have agreed to also step in, moving the total up to third. The Wood family jointly also owns a third and the remaining third will be allocated in the near future.

Who are the directors?

Currently Mark Kilgallon and Sandra Wood, but these two will be joined by others as the position becomes clearer and more stable.

The intention is to build a group of competency-based directors over time, as the size of the project becomes better understood.

What is Eric Perez’s role?

Eric is an experienced rugby league administrator with a proven track record, and was asked to take an interim chairman role to assist the club. The current agreement for his involvement is until February 2020.

Is Nigel Wood the majority shareholder?

No – He and his wife have 10 per cent.

Is Nigel Wood a director?

No – Nigel has a full-time obligations in his current job, which means he is not able to commit the time and energy required to be a director of the club.

Have the RFL appointed any directors?

No – but we have invited the RFL to appoint an observer if they so wish to see that the club is being run according to the undertakings given to get out of special measures.

When will the club appoint a CEO?

When the position is more stable, hopefully early in the new year.

Is Andrew Chalmers intending to hold any shares in the BBBBB Ltd.?


Why does Andrew Chalmers still appear as a Director of Bulls 2017 Ltd?

Because he has some administrative tasks to finish in order to complete the handover. He will resign as a director immediately after they are completed.

Are the creditors being paid off?

Yes. The consortium were of the firm view that the club could not survive yet another administration, and have resolved to clear the debt as quickly as they practically can. No one should underestimate this commitment by the members of the consortium.

What are the club’s priorities?

To stabilise the club’s finances, to provide the best quality team possible and to begin work on Bringing the Bulls Back to Bradford.

Does that mean back to Odsal?

Nothing has been ruled in or ruled out. Clearly Odsal is a very important option, but the terms of occupancy have to be affordable and sustainable.

Who owns Odsal?

The RFL (Note: The RFL own the leasehold, while Bradford Council own the freehold)

What if the RFL choose to sell it?

That would be their prerogative, but we understand the RFL would prefer to see Odsal used to provide professional rugby league with a suitable 21st century home in one of their most important centres.

If they chose to sell it, who would get the sale proceeds?


Are the supporters and businesses rallying round?

We have been overwhelmed by the offers, gestures and voices of support. We recognise that there will a few who may have their reservations - the only way to prove that there is no ulterior motive is by proof of actions, over the passage of time.

There will always be a select few steadfastly opposed and who prefer to be implacably cynical.

The consortium are very, very happy to commit that none of the shareholders are seeking personal gain from this rescue, nor incidentally do they want to lose vast amounts of money.

Is it true some people have been put off investing?

Yes, unfortunately. Some people have looked at some of the social media around the club and have been put off by some of the non-factual reporting in some quarters. It is a real shame, as some people who claim to care for the club are actually damaging it.

Questions can be sent to, with the club prioritising responding to enquiries from current season ticket holders and active current sponsors.

Bulls state that they will answer everything they can within the bounds of confidentiality or commercial sensitivity and that they will not answer any rude, disrespectful or libellous questions.

*Full details of the shareholders of BBBBB Ltd have been posted on Companies House as of November 10.
They are: Kimberley Stather 200 (shares), Mark Sawyer 249, Michael Sawyer 81, Sue Allan 150, Helena Smith 100, Sandra Wood 50, Steven Wood 50, Wendy Wood 50, Nigel Wood 50, Adam Fogerty 20.
The registered office address is now stated as Odsal Stadium.