BRADFORD Bulls' head coach John Kear says there are exciting times ahead for fans as they start to sign players from outside the club - but insists recruitment is a complicated process.

At the end of last season, Kear talked about wanting to have a squad of around 23 players for 2020, but despite having to revise that target, he feels his side will be more than competitive in the Championship next season.

He said: "We're going to look for 18 or 19 established senior players but we're obviously running a reserve team and part of the challenge for the players there will be when an opportunity comes along for them to cement their place in the first team.

"We feel as if that would be a good balance, within the budget, to put together a more than competitive team.

"There's the possibility of another re-signing but once that's done, we'll be probably be looking elsewhere and looking to bring other, good quality players in.

"There will be some exciting announcements I would think within the next two to three weeks."

Winger Greg Johnson became the Bulls first new face for the 2020 season, having joined from Super League Salford last week.

And Kear is working towards bringing in other new recruits, though admits fans need to be patient.

He said: "With signings, fans tend to think all you do is ask a player if he wants to play for Bulls.

"But there's all the logistics about training times and work, because obviously we're having to go down the part-time route on a number of occasions.

"There's the work schedule they've got to fit in, then there's the terms they've got to agree upon. If agents become involved as well, there's further complications.

"It's quite a complex and long drawn-out process but you've got to do it. We're doing it with due diligence to make sure that we get the right type of people to join us."