On Tuesday, November 19 at 8pm, we will be having our annual general meeting.

We want as many members as possible to turn up at this meeting as we want to project the club forward for the future.

Plenty to discuss so try and turn up if possible. Don't forget at this meeting we will be voting for who you the members should be the Clubman of the Year.

Will all committee members also try and attend this meeting for 7.15pm as we want to finalise ideas that we will put forward.


This year's extended five-match Raskelf Winter Series will get under way on Sunday, drawing at the Black Bull at 9am.

The lake has been fishing well for silver fish and F1 over the last few weeks.

Members are reminded that a lock will be placed on the gate at Raskelf from January 1 to improve security.

The keys will be the same as currently in use at Knotford and Kirklees Lagoons and details on how to buy one are in the yearbook.


The working party last week at Moor Monkton pools did a considerable amount of bankside clearing.

Cyprio pool was netted, a number of small silver fish were removed.

All other decent-sized fish were returned, including three catfish, with the biggest weighing over 21lb.

The car park at the Niddmouth was rebuilt. The Saturday match on Osprey Lake at Kippax Park was won by K Worth 85lb 13oz, 2 S Pearson 67lb 4oz, 3 T Evans 54lb 3oz.

The Tuesday match was won by S Pearson 47lb 6oz, 2 J Brogden 45lb 7oz, 3 A Gallant 29lb 15oz.

The Dave Scott memorial match held at Moor Monkton pools was fished by 33. The winner was B Fisk 80lb 5oz, 2 M Dodsworth 58lb 2oz, 3 T Bainbridge 48lb 4oz, 4 A Faithwaight 45lb 15oz, 5 A Middleton 41lb 5oz.

The Wednesday match was won by L Smith 91lb 7oz, 2 B Fisk 82lb 9oz, 3 M Green 62lb 6oz.


The last Wednesday members match was held on the canal at Rodley. While overhead conditions were suitable, the fish failed to respond except for small roach. Results: 1 E Harrison 1lb 7.5oz, 2 J Harrison 1lb 4oz, 3 T Trafford 5.5oz.

This is the last match of the series. Members wishing to enter for the specimen fish trophy should send in their nominations without delay.


There is a river match planned for this Sunday using the bottom length if the river is fishable.

To book on, call Carl Chadwick on 07955 727079.

Please avoid calling in working hours, 7.30am to 5pm weekdays as the use of mobile phones are not permitted at work.

Draw will be held 8.45am at the Sir Norman Ray Pub, Market Square, Shipley, BD18 3QB. Entry fee £15.

This Sunday also sees the first of the canal winter matches. This will be held on the boats section in Shipley. To book on please call Richard East on 07815 092966.

Richard East took time out from doing the housework for a couple of hours and managed a double figure net of bream and roach from the boats section.

Quality pike have also been showing with one member managing a magnificent specimen of 18lb and several other double figure fish.

Saltaire AA would like to thank the three members who turned up and voted on propositions at the annual general meeting this year. The AGM is the members' chance to have a say in the running of the club.

Social media is not the place to criticise the running of the club, or the committee, and will not be tolerated.


Is there ever going to be a dry spell this autumn to bring river levels down and allow anglers to indulge in a spot of fishing, which has sadly been out of the question for at least the last month or more?

The short period last week did allow one or two anglers to fish the top end of the Aire around Inghey Bridge for grayling.

But even so, the flow remained well above normal and the cooler nights with the first air frost of winter appeared to put the fish off the feed.

Normally grayling are unaffected by cold weather and can be tempted to take a fly or bait on the coldest of days so maybe they have been put off by the constant high water levels of late.

Pike anglers are not having much chance to try their luck with this fish during what is the tradition time to seek them out.

Normal methods of fishing for them such as free lining or spinning need a lower, slow moving water level for successful angling.

Leaves on the bottom can also be a nuisance and while most of the early fallers have been washed away there are a lot still on the trees.

Recent reports suggest that the local lengths of the canal are still providing some good sport and have not been affected by the cooler weather.

Good perch, roach and bream are still active throughout the Skipton lengths of the canal when conditions are reasonable.

Sport at Whinnygill Reservoir has tailed off a little but decent catches of ide, roach and perch are still being achieved from the sheltered corners.

Anglers are few and far between at Embsay Reservoir, most likely because of the conditions at this exposed water during the winter months.

Prospects once again depend very much on the weather where only a couple of weeks or more of dry and dare I say it, relative mild conditions, would bring about an improvement, especially on the rivers.