The match last Sunday went ahead on the River Aire.

Results: 1 A Healey 14lb12oz; 2 A Greenwood 4lb3oz; 3 I Needs 3lb8oz.

With all the recent rain the entrance to the car park at Wray Wood is in a bad condition and members have been getting stuck, do not enter the car park unless you are 100 per cent certain you can get out.

As a temporary measure, members can park on the grass opposite the car park entrance.

This is a working farm and members must not park on the lane or in the farm yard.


The club's annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 19.

We would like as many members as possible to attend this meeting as we are going to project the club forward for the future.

If any member as any rule changes could you please let our sec. Rob Wadsworth know as soon as possible.

We have no more trips planned for this year, so Brian will gather all the results together and see who has won trophy's for this year ahead of our presentation evening in March.

We always welcome potential new members, so if anyone wishes to join our happy band of anglers. Please come to our meeting.


Volunteers are required for the working party at Moor Monkton pools on Monday.

Knotford continues to produce good fish but catches have declined in recent days.

E Harrison caught three specimen bream last week with the heaviest at 13lb 9oz.

In the match at Kippax Park on Tuesday, the winner was A Broomhead 92lb 6oz, 2 D Wright 87lb 6oz, 3 T Hewson 66lb 5oz.

The result of the Saturday match: 1 A Broomhead 87lb 7oz, 2 S Pearson 80lb 13oz, 3 D Wright 48lb 3oz.

Sunday's match at Moor Monkton pools was won by B Fisk 129lb 8oz, 2 D Wright 110lb 1oz, 3 M Wade 108lb 3oz.


The River Aire is at last settling down to a fishable level, however, the banks are in a slippery condition.

The result of the Wednesday canal match at Rodley: 1 E Harrison with a level 3lb of roach, runner-up G Reeday with another all roach net weighing 2lb 11.5oz.


The level of the River Aire steadily fell from the beginning of last week and for a time it looked like the match scheduled for the Snaygill length would be fished.

However, on both the Thursday and Friday nights there was some heavy rain which brought the river back to near flood conditions and the match was a casualty of this wet autumn.

Not to be outdone, match secretary, Simon Chenier, arranged another match at short notice on Whinnygill Reservoir for last Sunday morning which was supported by the would-be river match anglers.

It appeared that even Whinnygill had finally been affected by all the rain of late and only the perch turned up in any number although a single ide was also caught.

John Leatt had a good win with 550g to brother Andrew’s 310g.

Chenier managed to take third place with 210g which included the ide. All the rest of the fish were smallish perch.

Anglers fishing the Broughton Road length of the canal have also been catching large numbers of small perch on coloured lures fished near the bottom.

The perch have been very particular about the colour of the lure which has varied from day to day.

Pink taking everything one day while on the next day, only white would attract them.

Besides the small perch, one angler landed a jack pike plus a perch approaching the 450g mark from the basin area in Skipton.

As the water level began to fall on the Aire, one or two anglers were back in action on the Heslaker Lane length and above Inghey Bridge where the fly has attracted a few grayling up to about the 400g mark.

Very few brown trout have been caught so maybe their thoughts are on their forthcoming spawning sessions.

One thing is certain, there should be sufficient water in the streams to allow them to access their spawning grounds.

Prospects for the weekend do not appear to be all that good with a forecast of even more rain and windy but relatively mild conditions. It could rule out the river once again but at least the canal should be a decent alternative.