SIX-TIME snooker world champion Steve Davis put on an excellent display of skill and entertainment at Saltaire Club in Shipley yesterday.

The event, organised by snooker superfan Keith Walker, was thoroughly enjoyed by the hundreds in attendance as Davis challenged nine local talents, frame by frame.

Adam Cupit was the only player to conquer the ‘Nugget’, edging to a 51-31 victory in the fifth frame.

The master tactician did ultimately show his class though, dismantling his eight other opponents with ease, scoring a high of 103 against Jay Garbutt.

Despite retiring in 2016, Davis still remains in love with the game and likes interacting with fans when he dusts off the cue from time to time.

He said: “The game is a past time. When you grow up playing, you are trying to get better, you are still in a social atmosphere like a club.

“The fun part for me is doing these (exhibitions). I don’t do too many now, but I know Keith, so I do the occasional one.”

The results of the nine frames played:

Noel Atkinson 66-23, Jamie Harrison 89-30, Lewis Walsh 91-11, Jay Garbutt 103-10, Adam Cupit 31-51, Aaron Beschizza 52-40, Stephen Woodings 91-28, Dave Robson 62-45, Andrew Bell 80-49.