THREE promising young stars based at a Bradford gym will continue their development by competing at the National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs Championships.

Anees Iqbal, Hishaam Ahmed and Ahmad Raza, who are all part of Lights Out Boxing Academy in Girlington, are travelling to Sheffield to take part in the County Round next month.

The championships are in a knockout format, so if the boys make it through in Sheffield, they will be through to the regional rounds the following weekend.

If they progress there, they will get the chance to box on the national stage in the quarters and semis on consecutive weekends, before the final takes place in the first weekend of December.

Anees and Hishaam are in good form too. Both boxers halted their opponents when Lights Out took part at Sharky's Boxing Show in Leeds on October 11.

Anees did so in the first minute of the first round, while Hishaam stopped his opponent in the first few seconds of the second round, both resulting in TKO (technical knockout) victories.

Coach Inzar Ahmed was delighted with the result, saying: "The last few weeks were tough for the lads. That being said the victories paid off, as seeing a smile on their faces after their hands are raised is what I live for.

"We have come along a long way. two years ago the club was a room full of furniture. I am an extremely proud coach because my lads work so hard and they deliver every time I ask them to."