UNDER-FIRE Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insists the job is not too big for him ahead of facing table-topping rivals Liverpool on the back of the club's worst start in 30 years.

The 20-time league champions enter the weekend two points off the relegation zone and 15 points behind Jurgen Klopp's visitors, who are going for an 18th successive top-flight win.

The rivals could hardly be in more contrasting states, but the United manager is sure he will turn things around.

He said: "No, I've never felt it's too big for me. I'm confident in what we're trying to do and I'm confident in my staff - the coaching and what's happening here every single day. I've been so impressed."

Solskjaer accepts United have not been adventurous enough at a club where "you do take risks" - but executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has reiterated his support of the Norwegian at a recent staff meeting and will not sack him regardless of the outcome against Liverpool at Old Trafford tomorrow.

"I speak to Ed loads of times and we speak regularly," Solskjaer said.

"As we've spoken about so many times, we do have a plan and we know that we've made some decisions that maybe in the short-term would harm us, but we know in the long-term will benefit us.

"But results are always the main thing and we can move forward quicker if we get results and performances.

"But I'm sure we will get there. It's just still planning for the next transfer window, summer transfer window and how we see the team moving forward."

Anthony Martial and Aaron Wan-Bissaka could return tomorrow, but Paul Pogba is out and David De Gea is doubtful.

Question marks also hang over the likes of Jesse Lingard, Phil Jones, Luke Shaw and Wibsey-born Mason Greenwood.

Solskjaer said: "Of course, I would like to tell you positive news. Hopefully, we'll see on Sunday who's come through the last two sessions, because there's players here who have just started training, just on the verge of coming back or not, so I can't really say."