This Sunday's match is scheduled to take place on the River Aire in Myrtle Park, draw 8am on the bank. To book on, contact Adi Newman on 07783 332705.

If the river is unfishable this match will be moved to Sunnydale.


Our annual general meeting is on Saturday, November 19.

We would like as many members as possible to attend this meeting as we are going project our club forward for the future.

If any member as any rule changes could you please let our secretary, Rob Wadsworth, know as soon as possible.

We have no more trips planed for this year, so he will gather all the results together and see who has won trophy's for this year ahead of our presentation evening in March.


Thank you to all members who attended last week's annual general meeting and well done to all of this year's trophy winners.

The committee was once again fully filled for the upcoming year and two proposed rule changes were passed unanimously.

The final member's match of the year was held at Raskelf lake and, despite the poor conditions, was won by Robert Stark with 37lbs 12oz of F1 carp on pole and maggot.

A second-placed finish on the day for Ian Newby, with 24lbs 6oz, was also enough to secure second place in the aggregate weight standings with 72lbs 15oz, although not enough to catch this year's winner James Vickerman.

Aggregate weight result: 1 James Vickerman (82lbs 9oz); 2 Ian Newby (72lbs 15oz); 3 Andy Jacques (53lbs 15oz); 4 James Michael (48lbs 10oz); 5 Bill Scott (42lb 13oz).

Beal will be closed on Sunday for an outside booking.

There are still a few places available on the Raskelf Winter Series, which begins on November 10. Contact Simon on 01274 571175 for more details.

Membership for the remainder of the year is now half price and available on the club website;


A word of caution for members visiting Knotford.

The ground has become saturated, as a consequence the entry through the sewage lane is only usable as far as the net dip tank.

Vehicles cannot be taken past this point.

This fishery continues to produce quality fish. Carp are the main species sought.

A Harrison ream, getting three, the best weighed 13lb 9oz. The result of the match held at Moor Monkton pools on Wednesday, October 9: 1 D Pollitt 117lb 13oz; 2 P Carter 5lb 3oz; 3 A Warren 91lb 7oz.

The result of Saturday's match at Kippax Park on Osprey Lake was won by S Pearson 76lb 11oz; 2 D Hull 57lb 13oz; 3 M Wade 49lb 11oz.

Sunday's match at Moorkmonkton Pools was won by B Fisk 95lb 9oz; 2 T Bainbridge 94lb 6oz; 3 O Hewitt 83lb 14oz.

The River Ouse was carrying seven foot of extra water for Sunday's Fave Rayner Memorial Match at Nunmonkton. The winner was P Bennett with five barbel for more than 21lb. Second was W Collier with two barbel weighing more than 13lb.


The canal has now become clear with the reduced boat traffic, fish are becoming less spread out but once located they continue to produce decent catches.

L Passey had a nice set of quality roach in only a few hours. Bronze maggot was the successful bait.

Lure anglers also reported catches of pike but no big fish have so far been brought to the net.

Entries for the specimen fish awards to be sent in writing to the secretary.


The water of the week appears to be the canal judging from those who are still wetting a line in and around Skipton.

Some good fish are being landed including bream on bread flake and perch mainly on worm.

One angler had a surprise catch when he brought in a 22cm jack pike that took a maggot.

Roach and gudgeon are also turning up on most lengths of the canal in good numbers and sizes.

Whinnygill Reservoir at Skipton is not that far behind the canal in terms of good fishing with some splendid catches of quality roach and ide.

Perch and bream are being caught in good numbers and even a specimen tench has been landed recently.

For those who still like to fish for trout, Embsay Reservoir can oblige and during the occasional decent spell of weather, decent-sized rainbows and tiger trout can be caught on the fly.

Only the spartic trout are disappointing at the moment with no reports of any turning up in catches.

Brown trout are now out of season at the reservoir but have hardly been seen for the last few weeks.

Now what can be said about the River Aire other than it has been running high for at least the last three weeks with several days reaching bank top or overflowing into the surrounding fields.

One or two anglers have been seen in action but whether they have caught anything is anyone’s guess.

An angler fishing last Saturday on Heslaker Lane looked to be after pike judging by the size of his landing net. The river was just falling after flooding the day before.

The match on the river this Sunday is still scheduled to go ahead but it will depend very much on the state of the river on the day.

The weather forecast is poor at the time of writing but you never can tell.

With just under 225mm of rain falling in the last three weeks, there is certainly going to be a strong flow in the river.