ROSS Peltier is buzzing to be part of the Jamaica side for their historic clash with the England Knights at Headingley on Sunday, saying that the Caribbean team would love to make rugby league a part of their rich sporting tapestry.

They are world-famous for their sprinters and cricketers, but Bradford-born Peltier has given an insight into how his sport is growing in the country.

Speaking about the upcoming fixture against England, the Bulls man said: "It's an exciting thing, whenever I play internationals. It's a break from playing normal club rugby and it's something I'm immensely proud to do.

"To see how far we've come in time, and to be playing England Knights at Headingley, it's a massive thing."

Asked about how representing Jamaica differs from training and playing at Bulls, Peltier said: "It's totally different. In certain aspects it's a bit more fun.

"There's a different atmosphere from when you're at Bradford. All the lads get together and it's good because you haven't seen each other for so long. There's a lot of jokes.

"When we play, it's more of a free-flowing kind of rugby. We just put our hearts on the line and go out and play."

Asked what Jamaica can achieve going forward, Peltier added: "I think as a national side, we're a bit unlucky for this to only be our first World Cup (in 2021).

"We fell short last time in qualifying and a few years before too. I've been trying to get us to a World Cup for 10 years and we've finally done it.

"We've got players coming on board now whose clubs wouldn't let them go to the qualifiers but now we're in the World Cup, they're letting them play for us.

"The squad that we'll have and the one we can assemble is going to be quality. I think there's great strides being made in Jamaica too.

"There's a competitive league, a competitive schools league and a universities league. As you can see from athletics to football to anything, they're naturally gifted athletes over there.

"I think soon we're going to see some players making that step from Jamaica to come over and play here, whether it be in the Championship or League One, and doing a good job.

"But yeah, I think people will be surprised at what we can offer at the World Cup."