The club's annual general meeting is next Tuesday at Ryshworth Social Club, 8pm start all members are invited to attend.

Only four anglers braved the wind and torrential rain on Sunday's match at Sunnydale, but all caught fish. Charlie Dine went for quality rather than quantity to win with two fish for 3lb 8oz.

Ian Needs came second with nine fish for 1lb 12oz and Andrew Healy third with four fish for 1lb 4oz.

After the recent heavy rain rivers are starting to fall to a fishable level but extra care should be taken on the banks and stay safe.


With the river in flood and more heavy rain forecast throughout the day, Sunday's final round of the Calder League was moved onto the canals around Brighouse and Mirfield.

The move paid off for Bradford's James Vickerman who, drawn on a golden peg, caught 7lbs 14oz of roach and dace to take home the £500 jackpot.

The winning team on the day were Willy Worms with 41 points, just half-a-point ahead of Barnsley.

This second place finish on the day confirmed Barnsley's series win with 34 points, ahead of Calder 8 (29.5) and Willy Worms (29).

Mirfield's Martyn Highe topped the individual aggregate weights for the series with an impressive 87lbs 9oz.

Round six result: Individual: 1 James Vickerman (Bradford No1) 7lbs 14oz; 2 Keith Collinson (Barnsley) 7lbs; 3 Kev Hartley (Mirfield) 6lbs 6oz; 4 Steve Newns (Barnsley) 5lbs 13oz; 5 Ian Newby (Willy Worms) 5lbs 11oz.

Teams: 1 Willy Worms (41 points); 2 Barnsley (40.5); 3 Bradford No1 (35); 4 Mirfield (33); 5 Calder 8 (32.5); 6 Punky's 8 (25); 7 Reserves (7).

Overall result: Teams: 1 Barnsley (34 points); 2 Calder 8 (29.5); 3 Willy Worms (29); 4 Mirfield (24); 5 Punky's 8 (21); 6 Bradford No1 (19); 7 Reserves (11.5).

Individual: 1 Martyn Highe 87lbs 9oz; 2 Nigel Hirst 69lbs 6oz; 3 Clive Lloyd 59lbs 9oz; 4 Craig Turbitt 56lbs 8oz; 5 Arthur Benstead 53lbs 8oz.

Raskelf Lake will be closed on Sunday for the final members match of the year, which will draw at the Black Bull at 9am.

James Vickerman leads the aggregate weight with 67lbs, followed by Ian Newby (48lbs 9oz) and Andy Jacques (45lbs 15oz).

This year's annual general meeting will take place on October 9 at the Moorlands Club in Cleckheaton. All members are invited to attend and yearbooks will be required for entry.

Well done to Jurij Kalnins on the capture of a new lake record carp from Knotford at 40lbs 2oz.


The winner of the last match at Ulleskelf was G Bass with 13lb 10z of chub.

The re-arranged veterans match was held on Ospray Lake at Kippax with almost a full house. Three competitors failed to turn up owing to the heavy rain at the start of the match.

Result of the over-70 section: 1 R Freer 39lb 12oz; 2 P Robinson 29lb 7oz; 3 S Jeffreys 26lb 12oz; 4 E Harrison 25lb 7oz.

In the under-70 section, the winner was G Wilmore 26lb 7oz; 2 I Upton 24lb 11oz; 3 S Goodhall 18oz 10oz.

It is a point to note that most of the competitors were of the older age group. The result of the Sunday match at Moor Monkton pools was: 1 T Bainbridge 117lb 6oz; 2 B Fisk 115lb 9oz; 3 L Smit 100lb 6oz.


The trout season end s on Monday with rivers running at flood levels.

Anglers out on the river banks are urged to take extra care as they are in a slippery condition.

The hope expressed in this column last week that there would be no rain for this Sunday's canal match were dashed as rain fell during the entire match, which was at Armley. Result: 1 B Lowthian 2lb 11oz; 2 B Mason 1lb 13oz; 3 B Paton 1lb 9oz.

The next canal match will be on October 13 on the Aire Valley marine length.

Membership books are still available from the usual outlets at the reduced half-price until the year end.


The brown trout season finally drew to a close on most rivers although the weather effectively brought about a premature end due to heavy rain and flood conditions from September 29.

Throughout the six-month season the fishing could have been better even though conditions were more than reasonable.

Periodic spells of rain kept the River Aire in decent angling condition apart from a short spell when some high temperatures produced a low water level for a few weeks.

At Skipton’s Whinnygill Reservoir the season got off to a flying start with the capture of a record-breaking brownie on double red maggot towards the end of April.

The captor was Skipton AA member Richard Sara and his fish weighed in at 3,465g, some 425g heavier than the previous record fish.

Since big brown trout had become a feature of the River Aire for some years with several fish each season reaching beyond the 2,000g mark and all being returned to the water as is the norm these days, it felt that it was only a matter of time before these fish would start to turn up in catches.

This has not been the case and those that have fished to river this season have not seen any fish much above the 1,000g mark. Smaller fish have been reasonably plentiful however.

The Skipton AA’s premium trout water is Embsay Reservoir and this season has seen a similar fall in the number of good-sized brownie captures, a good fish this year would be about a 1,000g.

There have been much bigger fish caught but they have been the spartic trout that were introduced weighing around the 2,000g mark.

A remarkable specimen brown trout that somehow has kept under the radar has recently come to my attention.

It was captured on July 13, 1999 by a Thomas A Smith at Elslack Reservoir and weighed 7.50 kg or 16:8:0 in old currency.

A photograph shows that the fish was dark skinned with big black spots and a deep body.

It had no pronounced hooked lower jaw although to reach that size it will have had plenty of the smaller trout in the water.