PROMISING young Bradford boxer Tauseef Suleman was on the road again, this time in Birmingham, securing an excellent unanimous points victory over home fighter Evan Heritage.

This latest success means that next up for the fighter is a highly-anticipated Yorkshire title belt fight.

Suleman was eager to keep his current winning streak going in Birmingham, and was on the front foot from the start.

Heritage tried to confuse Suleman, by starting the bout in a orthodox stance, then switching to southpaw. But this did not faze the Bradfordian, who can box out of both stances.

Heritage came out throwing a double jab, but Suleman slipped that, before throwing a counter overhand. That landed flush on his opponent, who immediately backed off.

Suleman then threw a variety of punches that his opponent had no answer to. Every time, Heritage attempted to land any blows, he was missing, finding it hard to pinpoint the elusive Suleman.

In the second round, Heritage was eager to impress his home crowd and tried to trap his opponent against the ropes, managing to do so.

Suleman sat against the ropes and slipped most of the punches, showing his defensive skills. Comfortable against the ropes, he started to land and throw his own punches, landing a solid backhand-hook combination, stumbling his opponent.

Fighting off the ropes, Suleman started to find success to Heritage's body and kept his attacks going, putting the home fighter on the back foot.

In the third, Suleman stalked his opponent down with clever footwork and varied his jab to both head and body. He was able to comfortably block Heritage's punches, before landing his own back each time.

This did not deter Heritage, who kept trying, but to no avail, with Suleman having an answer to everything.

Suleman was awarded the bout via a unanimous points decision and left the home crowd and many ringside observers impressed. Both boxers weighed 64kg and boxed over two three-minute rounds.

The clever Bradford boxer is enjoying his training, having not long moved to Dewsbury-based KBW boxing gym.

When asked about the switch, he said: "Me and my coach Tanny have gelled nicely, and we've been working on little things that make a big difference in the ring.

"I am learning new things all the time in training and want to put them into practice in fights. I can't wait to fight for the Yorkshire belt."