SALEM Athletic have successfully defended their Bradford Mutual Sunday School Cricket League (Group A) title for the second year running.

Back in 2016, Salem's first team were relegated to the Second Division and their second XI dropped down to the third tier.

To get the club out of their rut, a forward thinking, innovative executive committee were appointed, where they laid out their vision for the club.

This was graciously accepted by all members, players and parents of the club and in 2017, Salem's first team won the Second Division, with the second team winning both the league and the Broadbent Trophy, for the fourth time in seven years.

Then, last year, Salem won the First Division along with their second XI winning the Broadbent Trophy for the fifth time in eight years. They reached the final in all of those eight seasons.

Finally, in 2019, Salem won the First Division and were runners up in the Sir James Roberts Trophy. However, this year was different as Salem saw five of their most talented junior players break into the first team. All are under the age of 15.

Salem, who now have three senior teams and four junior teams, were keen to pay tribute to first team skipper Aamir Mahmood, saying: "He manages the side with vision, leadership, integrity and dignity.

"His passion and willingness to secure wins are key. Getting the best out of everyone is a skill which Aamir thrives upon.

"Giving a fair and balanced opportunity to all is one of the secrets Aamir has utilised throughout his captaincy.

"He's constantly on the lookout for recruiting young talents, as well as experienced seniors who can give something back to the club and the youngsters, who have an eager desire to learn and develop their cricket."