Autumnal weather is truly with us now, with later sunrises, earlier sunsets, a chill in the air, mist over the fields early in the morning and trees starting to drop their leaves into the water.

We’re in the middle of a dry spell and rivers are low – but although it’s forecast to be dry and a little warmer, there’s chance of rain on Sunday.

Members have made a few reports. Steve Rhodes and Francis Dine, in their personal ‘catch a fish from all waters in the BCAA yearbook’ project, found the Swale at Topcliffe up a bit and with some colour.

Barbel and chub came to the net, allowing Steve and Francis to tick the fishery off their list. The next week they ticked off Buckden and Hubberholme on the Wharfe, with a few nice fish to the upstream worm.

On the Aire, anglers have found a variety of methods proving successful. Jon Grey saw the weather very hot and all the fish taking refuge under the trees, but beetle imitations caught.

Richard Tong, fishing up from Inghey Bridge, found less than ideal conditions, but the river at a nice height produced half a dozen trout to 15 inches, all on the dry fly.

A third member reported success with French nymphing downstream of the bridge. Clearly all methods are catching fish, so there is clearly advantage in changing tack if one methods proves unsuccessful.

Richard fished at Buckden on the Wharfe too, in water with the usual peaty tinge and a falling level.

With a good fall of heather fly, and lacking a specific imitation, a CJ Hawthorn did the trick admirably and returned several fish to 16.5 inches, producing good fun on a 3-weight rod.

Reports from anglers after coarse fish have been rather few and far between, but Stephen Brown and Bongy Bromfield found the Ure at Lower Dunsforth coloured and slowly rising throughout the day.

There were plenty of bait fish rising – probably roach and chub – but float-fished deadbaits produced a number of pike to 10lb. Bongy was also broken off by a suspected barbel on ledgered meat, and the duo now plan to return.

Shipton Lake continues to see progress made to erect an otter fence to guard the fishery against predation.

We are closing the banks to anglers on a rolling basis, to keep them safe from working machinery and equipment.

Posts are now in place, the wire is being hung this week and we hope to complete contractors’ work in the next few days. Assistance will then be needed from members to net up the roadside and complete the project overall.

At Oakworth Lake, we have put back the ropes on the top pond and will be doing the bottom pond ropes in the next few weeks. This is a temporary measure to preserve the fish stocks we already have and hopefully make safe for restocking larger fish this coming winter.

Padlocks and chains have now been replaced at Inghey Bridge, so anglers should ensure they carry a key.

We’ve also seen a number of cars apparently abandoned on the bridge itself and adjacent on grass verges, though the vehicles have now been removed.

The long-standing problem with irresponsible owners allowing dog-fouling on the bridge has come to a head, and we anticipate a Penalty Notice to be issued shortly, which we hope will help solve the problem for good.

Members for whom we have an email address will receive another newsletter in the next few days, with updates, latest news and a reminder of our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, September 25.

We have various vacant committee posts, and a number of areas where we need help urgently if the club is to prosper long-term. If anyone can help, then please contact Jim on 07940 8164431.

Finally, two reminders. Members should note that the World Road Cycling Championships start this Saturday and will continue for a week.

Road closures and travel disruptions are well signposted and delays should be expected by anglers accessing at least some of BCAA’s fisheries in Yorkshire and the Dales.

And on the River Wharfe, please remember that the club plans to give up the Askwith fishery – though we will be keeping the fishing on the Burley side.

If you have any objections or comments you should make these to the General Secretary, per his contact details in the membership yearbook.


Any new proposals and entrants for the specimen fish trophy should be with Ian Ward by the end of today.

Trout are being caught on the River Aire mainly to course baits, the trout season ends on Monday, September 30.

Sunnydale is fishing well for roach, skimmers and perch. The canal continues to fish well for small silverfish, fishing should become easier now boat traffic is starting to decrease.

The next match is September 29 on the River Aire in Myrtle Park. To book, contact Adi on 07783 332705.


Our last match of the season is at Tollerton on Heron Lake on Sunday, September 22. Meet at venue at 8am, fishing from 9am to 3pm.


The result of the charities match held at Nunmonkton on the Ouse: 1 T Hewson 9lb 14oz; =2 S Thompson & D Forkin 7lb 5oz; 4 K Mottram 7lb 3oz.

In the match held on Sunday, September 8 on Cyprie and the front pool at Moor Monkton the winner was L Myers 158lb 3oz; 2 L Smith 150lb 15oz; 3 B Fisk 126lb 13oz.

In the match at Kippax Park on Tuesday, the winner was D Wright 86lb 8oz; 2 J Redmond 72lb 11oz.

In the Wednesday match at Moormonkton pools, the winner was L Myers 170lb 9oz; 2 D Pollitt 123lb 8oz; 3 M Carr 120lb.

A reminder that to apply for the following website, only present members are eligible. The user must give the name in which their membership book is issued,


In Sunday's annual Ian Smith memorial charity open at Rodley, held upstream of the nature reserve, there was a decent turnout, but the fishing proved to be difficult.

The winner was S Ashworth 3lb 5oz; 2 A Crook 2lb 2oz; 3 D Bradley 2lb. Section winners B Mason 1lb 14oz; L Passey 1lb 13oz; R Thorne 1lb 9oz.

The final total raised through entry fees, sponsorship and donations was £337.91, to be split between the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research. The organisers would like to thank all who assisted.

This Sunday's open match is also at Rodley, but on the nature reserve length. Contact 07518 721051. Draw is at 10am.

The result of the midweek afternoon match, held on the River Swale: 1 E Harrison 14lb 8oz; 2 J Harrison 9lb 8oz; 3 D Jackson 6lb 12oz, chub to 2lb and perch up to one-and-a-half made up the bulk of the catches.