TONG Park Esholt cricketer Mick Scott played his last first team game on Saturday.

Scott, 64, played the majority of his 50-year career in first team cricket at Tong Park and Tong Park Esholt but also played at Skipton and Saltaire.

Scott, who has served as captain of Aire-Wharfe League sides, has won three Waddilove Cup three times (1990/92/93) and been runners up twice.

Scott has taken 2,226 wickets and won the league bowling in 1989 and 1995.

He has won a national championship with Yorkshire Over 50s and he currently plays with Yorkshire Over 60s.

Danny Groom, captain of Tong Park's Esholt's first team, said Tong Park Esholt gave him a guard of honour at the club's last home game of the season against New Rover last Saturday.

Groom said: "He is and has been one of the most feared and respected bowlers the league has ever seen.

"Just last season at the age of 63 he had the best economy rate in the whole of the league going for under 2.5 an over.

"I have played with him for the last 20 years and have seen him single handedly destroy batting line-ups and make very good batters look very average.

"He will be hugely missed in the first team," added Groom. "He has been an amazing cricketer and is a wonderful bloke.

"It’s been an absolute pleasure playing with him."