FORMER Bulls forward Sam Burgess is in hot water after criticising the National Rugby League (NRL) judicial system.

The South Sydney captain is facing a fine after describing the judiciary process as a "kangaroo court".

Burgess made the comments after pleading guilty to a contrary conduct charge for a hair pull which landed him with a one-match ban.

The NRL on Wednesday advised Burgess that he must show why he should not be issued with a breach notice over his comments.

"On face value, Sam's comments about the judiciary breach our code of conduct and are offensive to both the chairman and members of the panel who carry out their duties impartially, without fear or favour," chief executive Todd Greenberg said in quotes on the NRL official website.

"We take a pragmatic view about most of the debate that occurs around the game.

"However, the NRL judiciary is a longstanding and independent process based on the principles of natural justice in our court system.

"Our chair is an esteemed judge of the highest calibre and our panel members are former high-profile players who are independent from clubs. The integrity of the system and the people in it should never be questioned."

Greenberg said all players have the opportunity to discuss issues about the game privately with the NRL at any point.

"I've spoken to Sam today and invited him to meet face to face to discuss the issues he has and explain his comments," Greenberg added.