IT was business as usual at the sharp end of the ACU Wessex Plant Hire British Sidecar championship at Fellbeck, where 20 crews contested Mel Harrison Trial at Kingstone Farm.

Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes cruised to victory ahead of Baildon’s Nigel and Gracie-Mae Scott, the latter taking a break from A level studies. Brothers Josh and Luke Golding were not entered.

It was expected that Josh would compete with a temporary passenger as the Golding drop score was implemented with a non-start at the Harrison.

On nett scores, Tuck and Sparkes are only 15 points ahead of the Goldings Barnoldswick’s Lucy and Anthony Ayrton dipped their toes in championship action for the first time riding a Montesa 315 of 2003 vintage which ran like a clock.

At the end of the day Mel Harrison arrived with his wife Janet who collected Mel from Airedale General Hospital to watch the closing action at the Holly Tree and be photographed in Jon Tuck’s TRS outfit in the group photograph. Kevin Morley and Les Ashby prepared the 18-section trials course.

Results: Championship: 1 Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes (TRS) 39, 2 Nigel & Gracie-Mae Scott (Beta) 111.

Intermediates: 1 Jack Corlett/Beth Thomas (Gas Gas) 26, 2 Chris & Rob Pickard (Beta) 43, 3 Kevin Nolan/Karl Jarvis (Scorpa) 59.

Clubman: John Corlett/Jamie Howe (Gas Gas) 13, Paul Fishlock/Sam Atherton (Beta) 13, 3 Jake Pope/Harriett Shore (Sherco) 36 4 Mick Treagus/Steve Gould (Gas Gas) 38, 5 Phil Sparkes/Dave Tuck (TRS) 51, 6 Kevin Morley/Les Ashby (Beta) 5, 7 Alastair Allan/Nick George (Beta) 66, 8 Matt Bond/Lauren Christian (Gas Gas) 66, 9 Chris Newsham/Anna Newsham (Gas Gas) 96.

Newcomers: 1 Richard Gilham/Miles Gilham (Sherco) 24, 2 Neil Franks/Mike Franks (Beta) 57, 3 Anthony/Lucy Ayrton (Montesa).

Solo hard course: 1 Aleyn Taggart (Sherco) 14, 2 Olly Lace (Montesa) 23, Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 33.

Youth: 1 Henry Stephenson (TRS) 14. Solo easy course: 1 Norman Shepherd (BSA) 6, 2 Michael Benson (Beta) 8, 3 Nick Hammerton (Honda) 11. Youth: Martin Pratt (Beta) 9.

Meanwhile, teenage trialler Elliott Laws travelled from his Scorton home to win the hard route class in the eighth Simon Green Motors championship trial at Deer Park, Bingley, beating 15 adult and youth contenders in the same category.

His father Chris won the Over 50s class in Clubman A division.

Otley’s Ruby Lawrie was invincible in the Yellow class of the Smalls Wheels contenders

Fifty eight competitors rode a hillside course of eight sections and three laps.

The series will resume on October 14 at Greenhow, commencing at 11am.

Results: Hard course: Experts: Tim West Montesa) 85, Jack West (Beta) 147.

Novices: Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 5, Steven Fowler (Beta) 6, Sam Cahill (TRS) 7.

Youth Class A: Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 5, Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 12, Harry McLouglin (Beta) 16.

Clubman A: Novices: Richard Crabtree (Vertigo) 4, Jake Weatherill (Sherco) 14, Ivor Rhodes (Beta) 18.

Over 50s: Chris Laws (Vertigo) 11, Graham Illingworth (Sherco) 22, Ian Brogden (Beta) 24.

Youth Class B: Arran Sherwin (Beta) 62. Youth Class C: William Sagar (Beta) 23, Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 53.

Clubman B: Novices: Gareth Mitchell (Beta) 9, Over 50s: Steve Wicks (Sherco) 10, Steve Gossop (SWM) 10, Richard Hall (Beta) 12.

Youth Class B: Jimmy Crabtree 18, Alfie Carney 18, Charlie Petty 28.

Small Wheels red route: Arthur Wright (Oset) 30.

Small wheels yellow route: Ruby Lawrie (Oset) 8, Koby Smith (Beta) 18, George Wright (Oset) 19.

Small Wheels white route: Joseph Lyles 3, Will Clements-Nauman 9, Evie-Rae Edmundson (all Oset) 14.

Meanwhile, the annual Norman Crooks Trophy series ended at North Close Farm on the outskirts of the Kirkby Malzeard village where Dave Mawer plotted a testing course for 53 competitors.

The Glasshouse electrician edged out precision engineer Mawer by a single penalty.

Ironically Mawer failed the first section, where he had plotted the route.

Mr Beta, aka Joel Sadler, was in stopping mode, twice, in sections three and five.

Guy Stones rode well but a five in the third section on lap two killed his hopes of a top spot but he did take the novice award.

Ron Hardisty topped the 50/50 category from Chris Laws while Laws Junior took the Youth class which he followed up the following day at the Horsforth trial.

Tony Calvert’s persistent skill were good enough to win the easy course with a penalty-free ride.

Results: Hard course: Experts: Danny Gamble (Sherco) 7. Inters: Dave Mawer (Beta) 8, Joel Sadler (Beta) 12, Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 34.

Novices: Guy Stones (Montesa) 16, Danny Smith (Sherco) 20, Sam Lambert (Beta) 78.

Youths: Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 40, Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 113, Martyn Pratt (Beta) 140.

50/50 course: Novices: Paul Kendall (Sherco) 25, Simone Wallis (Sherco) 48, Lewis White (Gas Gas) 68. Over 40s: Martin Pratt (Beta) 53, Over 50s: Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 11, Chris Laws (Vertigo) 18, Michael Platts (Sherco) 27.

Youth Class B: Arran Sherwin (Beta) 133.

Easy Course: Novices: Rhys Bradford (Gas Gas) 6, Callum Benson (Sherco) 22, Richard Whitaker (Beta) 27.

Over 40s: Peter Hollingworth (Beta) 8, Nigel Wallis (Gas Gas) 12, John Henfrey (Beta) 16.

Over 50s: Stewart Molloy (Beta) 1, Michael Benson (Beta) 5, Chris Crossley (Montesa) 16.

Over 60s: Tony Calvert (Montesa) 0, Ian Brogden (Beta) 2, Chris Dale (Montesa) 4.

Youths: Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 5, Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 17.