JOHN Kear is hopeful that familiarity will breed contentment with the out-of-contract Bulls.

Eight of the 17 who featured in the final-day romp at Rochdale have deals that are up.

Kear is waiting for the green light from the RFL to be able to start making signings for next season.

The club are currently in special measures while the governing body set a suitable playing budget – something the Bulls hope will be sorted by the end of the month.

The Bulls are understood to be fairly confident that most of the players they want to keep will stay for the switch to Dewsbury.

Kear feels the tight-knit nature of the squad and coaching staff can be a persuasive factor.

The head coach said: “They are relaxed about it. They are good lads.

“One thing about this group of players is that they genuinely like each other.

“They are okay with where we’re at and what we’re speaking about.

“They know the coaching staff intimately and we’re the same with them.

“They know our foibles, our plus and negative points etc and you can work along with that.

“You go to another club and you’ve all that to re-learn.”

The change of base for next season will be factored into Kear’s recruitment plans – and the constricted dimensions of the Tetley’s Stadium compared with their traditional home.

“It’s a tight pitch, short and narrow, so you tend to play a different way to how we did on a fairly big playing area which we had at Odsal,” he added.

“So, obviously we’ve got to factor that in with how we want to play.

“But I’m pretty certain that we can make Dewsbury a difficult place for anybody to come in the Championship. We’ve got to build that.

“That’s why we’d ask the fans to come along with us on the next part of the journey.

“One of the exciting things about it is that if you get 3,500-4,000 folk in Dewsbury, the place is bouncing.

“I think we can really have a great atmosphere consistently at every home game.”