ANDREW Chalmers is right to take a tough stance on the Bulls' future, says John Kear.

The club owner has come in for stick over his decision to move out of Odsal after Sunday's final home game of the season against Sheffield.

The planned switch to Dewsbury for next year, which Chalmers maintains will be temporary until the Bulls return to Bradford, has caused huge controversy within the sport.

But Kear believes the New Zealander is taking responsibility for the right reasons.

He said: “It is a very difficult situation but he’s the owner and has got to make decisions he feels are for the benefit of the club.

“I’m the coach and have to make decisions similarly so.

“Not everybody will agree with them but while you’re in the position, you’ve got to do what you feel is correct.”

“When you’re the coach at a club, you’re the custodian of that position.

“It’s the same if you’re the owner like Andrew Chalmers or a player.

“All you can do is leave the club in a better state than when you found it.

“I certainly feel that I will when it is time for me to part ways. And I certainly think the club will be in a far better position than it was two years ago.”