Sunnydale was in fickle mood for Sunday's match most anglers with small nets of fish and some large fish lost, Ian Needs made the best of it fishing the slider float. Result: 1 I Needs 6lb; 2 C Dine 1lb14; 3 A Newman 1lb12.

The canal continues to fish well for silverfish early morning and late evening and an eel estimated at 5lb being caught.

Rivers are dropping back to fishable levels but banks will be slippery so take care.

The Aire Rivers Trust are having several volunteer days on Fridays and Saturdays over the next six weeks, for more information, and to volunteer, call Nick Milson on 07378 878857.


It’s been another week of almost autumnal weather with a bit of mist in the mornings, a cool damp chill to the air, and a bit of sun in the afternoon.

The Dales rivers are running at a good height and the rain has freshened the stillwaters.

We haven’t seen many reports from anglers this week. However, Phil Bailey found dry fly paradise on the Aire at Broughton mid-week, with trout and a fair few grayling – which bodes well for autumn and winter fishing – rising everywhere to enormous hatches of Simuliidae genus ‘black fly’.

A size 18 black gnat imitation was eagerly taken by fish, including a few corkers.

The river is currently in great condition so if you are planning to get out fishing this weekend all the rivers should be in fine fettle.

On the stillwaters, fishing has been patchy. Jamie Woodhall reported a successful first visit with his six-year-old son Bobby to Staveley Lakes.

Bobby thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic time catching ide, rudd and roach plus three stonking perch up to 2lb, on a single maggot and a whip.

However, Brian Connell fished Shipton with two friends and reported a lack of fish topping, with only a few perch showing up in their nets.

There is no doubt that fishing can sometimes be frustrating – but if it was easy, perhaps it would lose its attraction for many fishermen?

We continue to make progress in taking forward our otter fence project at Shipton Lake and had a final pre-build meeting on-site with the contractors last weekend.

This week, we have also sent a couple of items to members for whom we have an email address.

The first was a notice of the club’s annual general meeting on Wednesday, September 25.

This sent an AGM agenda and details of vacant committee posts, and detailed the areas of help urgently required to keep the club running after the press officer leaves at the end of the year.

The second communication was a newsletter detailing updates and developments at the club over the past few months.

If any member hasn’t received one or both of these emails, then please contact general secretary Mike Briggs via the contact details in your yearbook.

Finally, an alert that our part-year membership will go on sale in the next few days. Cost is £36 – a reduced membership rate of £21 plus the joining fee of £15 – which covers fishing all our waters from September 1 to December 31, as allowed by the rules in the yearbook.

The membership can be through our online shop, accessible via a link on our website at


The members are now back from their exploits in County Donegal.

It was a really good week, two days out of the six had to be cancelled because of gales, but the remaining four days were wall-to-wall fish.

This year there were plenty of mackerel and big ones at that, in the 1lb/2lb bracket.

They had a day on the wrecks with plenty of pollock up to 5lb and they had three days on the tope. Thirty two all together and the biggest one 42lb caught by Peter Higgins.

A total of 33 were lost having them on for a short time. Next year should be interesting as John Henry will have a new Lockin 40 boat.

They have a trip to the Scarborough Festival on Saturday, September 21. There are still places on this trip. Anyone wishing to go can call Ralph on 07840 275753 to book your place.


Ninety anglers competed in Sunday's Lower Aire Championship at Beal and Chapel Haddlesey, and the fish responded by showing up in numbers as well.

The winner for the second time in three years was Steve Raper with 45lbs 10oz of bream, in a match which weights of 20lb were only enough to win section prizes and there were 25 double figure weights.

Result: 1 Steve Raper 45lbs 10oz; 2 Ian Bowman 30lbs 8oz; 3 Craig Turbitt 26lbs; 4 Ricky Bonas 25lbs 12oz; 5 Paul Clark 25lbs 7oz.

The carp match at Knotford Lagoon over the weekend produced another good result, with the winner being decided by a fish caught in the final 10 minutes.

Dan Whitaker was the captor of the fish known as 'Sunken Eyes' at the end of the match to take his tally to four fish for a total weight of 74lbs 8oz.

Second-placed David Barlow also managed to land four fish for 71lbs 8oz.

This year's annual general meeting will take place at the Moorlands Club in Cleckheaton on October 9. Please note that proposals must be received by the secretary at least one month prior to the meeting.


Our next match is The Oaks Cedar Lake on Sunday, August 25. Meet at venue at 8am, fishing 9am to 3pm.


The result of the match held at Kippax Park on Tuesday, August 13: 1 R Thomas 11lb 5oz; 2 T Hewson 80lb 2oz; 3 A Gallant 76lb 14oz.

The match held at Moor Monkton pools on Wednesday, August 14 was won by P Carter 131lb 2oz. Other results: 2 A Warren 127lb 11oz; 3 R Prudhoe 113lb 3oz; 4 M Gallgher 112lb 3oz.

In the match on Sunday, August 18, fished on the match pool, L Myers was the winner with 127lb 80z. Other results: 2 L Smith 121lb 10oz; 3 S Mazza 109lb 1oz.

There was a good entry for the annual Lower Aire Championship held in conjunction with Bradford No1 AA.

A total of 96 competed the winner was S Raper with a weight of 41lb 8oz, comprising of 14 bream. Other results: 2 I Bowman 31lb 4oz; 3 C Turbutt 25lb 12oz; 4 R Bonas 25lb 8oz; 5 P Clark 25lb 4oz.

The next match is this Sunday and is the annual match at Hunters Lodge and Linton. To book, call 0113 2482373 up to 9pm this evening.

The following day is the Bank Holiday members match on the Lower Aire. Knotford Lagoon has provided some good catches of carp with several fish in the mid to high 20lb range. Also, a specimen bream of more than 15lb. Barbel anglers have also met with success on the River Ouse.


This week's open match is the annual wings open charity match. It is on the Kirkstall marina length of the canal. Draw at 10am. All proceeds go to the charity.

With the weather at last stabilising, some good catches have been reported. However, members making an early start have made the best catches. There will be a junior match on the canal at Rodley, full details next week, entrance is free.


Conditions could have been better for the Skipton Angling Association’s Taster Day on Whinnygill Reservoir last Sunday.

A gusty south west wind blew throughout the event and made angling difficult for all who took part but at least it remained dry and reasonably warm on the sheltered southern bank.

The sport seemed to have been affected by all the rain in the days previous and catches were generally poor with not too many fish showing up.

Simon Chenier led the way in showing how it was done and managed to catch several good bream on the ledger and swim feeder.

Graeme Waterfall fishing a similar method caught an hybrid and a decent tench while other anglers caught some smaller fish.

All of the prospective new anglers experienced the pleasure of landing a big fish thanks to Chanier handing over his rod to them after hooking the big bream.

Conditions were not much better for the final Sunset Series match on Whinnygill earlier in the week and only two anglers managed to weigh-in.

Russell Heaton had 870g with John Leatt close behind with 655g. These results confirmed Heaton had won the series with nine points whilst John was runner-up with 15 points.

Other leading competitors were: 3 Chenier 24 points; 4, Malcolm Mawson 25 and Ernest Ramsbotham 36.

Sport on Embsay Reservoir has been reasonable in spite of the inclement weather and anglers have been catching brown, rainbow and tiger trout on both the fly and worm.

Perch are numerous at times and can easily be caught fishing close in with the worm but there are no specimens about.

After the earlier low summer level in the River Aire making fishing almost impossible, the rain of the last month has now had a similar effect and few are fishing at the moment.

Most of the fish that are being caught are brown trout up to around the 450g mark.

A few grayling have also been caught and like the trout, they too are on the small side.

Prospects for the next few days are looking better with the chance of much dryer weather and an increase in the temperature which should improve sport on all waters.