The Bradford Bulls will make a decision by Thursday next week whether to leave their historic Odsal ground due to the high financial costs.

If they do decide to depart, there are three options which the Bulls have been considering - moves to Dewsbury Rams, Bradford City or Bradford (Park Avenue).

In his latest Telegraph & Argus column below, chairman Andrew Chalmers explains the viability of each option as the countdown to a possible withdrawal from Odsal - dubbed by Chalmers as a 'No Deal Bexit' - draws near.

A 'No Deal Bexit' presents three alternatives under consideration, and these three alternatives each have a range of different scenarios.

Firstly, we have been successful in negotiating an economically viable option for relocation and occupancy at the Tetley's Stadium, Dewsbury, thanks to owner and chairman Mark Sawyer.

This represents our fall-back position, if we are unable to achieve a viable deal within Bradford. I don’t envisage this would be a permanent arrangement, but would be part of a broader plan to develop our own facilities within a two to four-year period.

If we are forced to take this option it would be on the basis that we will ultimately return to Bradford. This option requires that we seek approval from the RFL for relocation, which we believe would be granted.

Secondly, we have had discussions with Julian Rhodes, CEO at the Bantams. Valley Parade presents quite a significant number of issues. On the plus side Valley Parade would meet the RFL’s minimum standards.

But the facts here are that the pitch will require a significant financial investment to enable it to be used for rugby league and football, and that the ballpark estimate for the pitch remediation ranges from £800k to £1.2m pounds.

Obviously the Bantams aren’t going to fund this, and their present lease at Valley Parade expires on June 30 2028, although they do have an option to extend for another 25 years.

Such a remediation programme could only commence at the end of the current playing season, so at the earliest it would only be an option from 2021 if implemented. So from a timing and cost perspective, Valley Parade appears a non-starter, especially once you factor in the estimated hire costs and match day costs.

Thirdly, we have been in discussions with Gareth Roberts, chairman and owner of Bradford Park Avenue, who are based at Horsfall Stadium.

In its current state Horsfall Stadium would require additional investment in order to accommodate the requirements of the Bulls. This would involve additional infrastructure incorporating covered seating, standing terracing and sufficient toilet facilities to accommodate the estimated crowd numbers.

We are in the middle of completing due diligence, which includes the cost of relocation and a cost for the additional infrastructure. We will keep everyone informed on this option.

I would certainly see Horsfall Stadium as only a short-term option, assuming it is economically viable. Fortunately, as we do with Dewsbury, we have an excellent relationship with the owner Gareth and our two clubs have worked together in the off-field and back office areas for the last 18 months.

This option also requires approval from the RFL for relocation, which we believe would be granted, providing the RFL’s minimum standards are met.

So there you have it. The latest straight from my laptop. Plenty to consider with realistic and viable alternatives being carefully evaluated by our management team and advisors.

Bear in mind that this process is all part of a journey to resolve the long term location of the Bradford Bulls, assuming a deal incorporating economic occupancy at Odsal cannot be reached.

Our focus is the long term economic sustainability of the club in Bradford of course. I am comfortable that our deadline of August 15 will be achievable for an announcement, and that a new dawn will be upon us.

John Kear said to me, the team was happy to play in a car park if that’s what it takes. I know we’ll solve this issue so no need to clear the cars from Morrisons!

But on field after our narrow defeat to the league leaders Toronto, we face four grand finals to make this year’s top five play-offs - Barrow, Dewsbury, Sheffield and then Rochdale.

Every game will be tough but equally winnable. I think that despite the loss to Toronto we probably played the highest quality football of the year and only lost narrowly.

But as you’ll undoubtedly hear in the next month, we still have plenty of improvement in us, individually and as a team. Players need to produce the best they can and they all know it.

This is the part of the season where winning is the only thing that matters. We have the team to do it. Bring it on.

Resolving Odsal issue can be catalyst for new sustainability - read the rest of Andrew Chalmer's column here