GARY Bowyer is still waiting to hear if any of the Oli McBurnie windfall will be directed his way.

The Bantams boss is eyeing a couple more additions to his squad before the transfer window shuts for the lower divisions on September 2.

Bowyer remains in discussions about prospective targets to beef up numbers while he hopes to get the green light from owner Stefan Rupp.

The bulk of the near £2.5 million boost from the McBurnie sell-on clause in his move last week from Swansea to Sheffield United, which will be paid over two chunks, has already been earmarked to cover the club’s anticipated debt from last season.

But Bowyer is hoping that there could be room for a little to be added to the recruitment pot that has already brought in 10 new faces.

He said: “It’s something that we’ve got to look at this week and ultimately see if we can do anything or not.

“You’d certainly like to be able to add one or two fresh faces still.

“People talk about (the signings) but it is only 10 – and I mean only. It’s not even half (the squad).

“You would want to bring in one or two, possibly that you’ve worked with before. They know what to expect from you and you know what you’d get from them.

“We’ll just keep seeing with that. The phone has been busy, which is to be expected, and there’s a lot of work still going in on that front.”

Bowyer may well wait for tomorrow’s Premier League and Championship deadline to die down before looking into the loan market for that extra cover.

He admitted there is nobody imminently in his sights.

“We haven’t got anyone hanging on at this moment in time,” he added. “There have been enquiries on several players, for sure, but that’s just like everybody else up and down the country.

“There have been situations where there are ones we’ve identified who have not been able to hang on and have moved elsewhere.

“I don’t have a problem with that because it’s their careers. If the deal is not ready at Bradford City, then they quite rightly have to look after themselves and get a job somewhere else.”

City would like to balance any further recruits with some departures but Bowyer stressed he is not aware of any interest in his current players.

“The scenario about (needing) outs for ins is still the same,” he said. “That won’t change.

“It’s just whether we might be able to get something from that magnificent sale (of McBurnie).”

As part of the deal that took the striker to Swansea for £250,000 in 2015, City were entitled to 15 per cent of the profit from the Scotland international's next move.