CLAYTON Donaldson hopes to emulate one of his Bradford City heroes, but in a very unusual way.

Every Bantams fan remembers, or has seen the video, of legend Stuart McCall's most memorable off-field moment. While celebrating his side's promotion to the Premier League in the Valley Parade car park in 1999, the midfielder, can of lager in hand, gets on the roof of a red car, slips, falls off and gets up straight away, seemingly unscathed.

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Reeling off a list of his favourite players, this story comes to Donaldson's mind. He said: "Windass played really well for us, Stuart McCall was a massive player for us. Wetherall, Carbone.

"I liked McCall, the way he conducted himself, his leadership. Falling off the car was an iconic moment. They did well that season. If we end next season with me falling off a car, then we have had a good season."

Having swapped the Championship for League Two, Donaldson wants to make his own memories in the claret and amber.

The Jamaican international striker literally grew up a stone's throw away from Valley Parade. He is a Manningham lad through and through. He has always supported the club and now wants to play his part in reviving their fortunes in the fourth tier.

It has taken him 11 clubs and 17 years, but finally he has come home with his career coming full circle after being released by City as a 16-year-old, before moving to Hull City.

The 35-year-old said: "It's a long time coming. I always knew I would make this move.

"It's not been the right time in the past. I'm delighted to be coming back. I'm a Bradford boy. I've always dreamed of playing for City.

"I had my heart set on coming back this year, in League One or League Two, it didn't matter really.

"It was being a Bradford boy, I always wanted to play for them. Relegation was not an issue for me. Getting them back up is even more important now.

"The first time I put a City shirt on was for the Under-15s, that was a special moment.

"To put it on again, I can't describe it, it's going to be an amazing feeling. It has always been one of my dreams to play for them. I went to Manningham Middle School, I'm a Manningham boy."

The former Sheffield United, Hibernian and Birmingham City ace, who officially becomes a City player on July 1, says he can't wait to walk out in front of a packed out Valley Parade, even if all of his family might not always be able to see him.

The former Manningham Middle School student added: "The amount of season tickets we've sold already is amazing. Some games in the Championship don't get that type of attendance. I know how to play in front of big crowds. It is not an issue for me.

"All of my family still live in Bradford. That was one of the reasons to come back. I've not got enough comp tickets to give out. That was one of the reasons to come back.

"They have always watched my career and lived it. I didn't want to come back at the end of my career. I still have another three or four years left in me. I have always kept myself in good shape. I did not want to come back for one season and then sign out.

"I had opportunities to play at a high level, but I thought the time was right."

His optimism at the move does come with a sprinkle of realism. Having played in League Two before, Donaldson is only too aware of the task at hand for his new relegated side.

He said: "We've got to put it in perspective. We've just been relegated bottom of the league. What gives us the right for automatic promotion? We've got to stop the rot from last season.

"Last season was a difficult one for City. We've got to try to turn that around, but it is not always easy.

"The manager has freshened things up. If we can get most of the players in before pre-season training starts, it will give us more time to gel. The more time we have, the better."

Donaldson is more than just a badge kissing player. His passion for City comes through with every sentence he mutters about the club.

His childhood memory perfectly sums it up: "I used to wait until the 80th minute when people were allowed in free to games at Valley Parade. I sneaked in a few times.

"It's always been there. Bradford City is me."