GARY Bowyer is predicting a potentially chaotic end to this summer’s transfer window because of the split deadlines.

Football League clubs voted last month to change the cut-off point for the lower divisions.

Championship sides will still share the same deadline as the Premier League at 5pm on Thursday, August 8.

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But Leagues One and Two will have until tea-time on Monday, September 2 to get permanent and loan deals done – a month into the new season.

The City boss is not impressed with the move and feels it could cause more headaches.

“In an ideal world, you obviously want to try and get everybody in before pre-season starts,” he said. “But it doesn’t happen like that.

“Again, with the state of the transfer window this year in terms of different rules for different leagues it will cause chaos again.

“Me personally, I think it should all be done before the very first game of the season.

“Then everybody would know where they stand and it’s all done.

“We could find ourselves in the position where we sign somebody, he comes in and does really well in the first month and then you get a ridiculous bid.

“A month into the season and he could go and sign for somebody else.

“You’ve still got the loan window open in that period as well for us. You often get the Premier League loans then because those clubs don’t come back until late after the internationals.

“Even in that time when managers have their squads, you find there is a fall out of players and you can bring in one or two that you never thought you might have got at the start.

“But it’s the same for everybody. You just have to get on with it and right now we’re trying to bring in ones we feel can provide us with the best opportunity for next season.”

Bowyer has made three signings so far with the arrival of centre halves Ben Richards-Everton and Tyler French, plus keeper Sam Hornby.

There are irons in the fire but he admits the recruitment season is yet to fully kick in – something he expects will soon change.

“You look at it up and down the country at the moment,” he added. “Everybody has got things bubbling but nobody is really nailing anything down as such.

“We’re a little bit the same. I spoke to quite a lot of people and have met players and that has continued this week.

“As we get to the start of June, people start getting a little bit nervous and then you’re looking at the possibility of getting deals concluded.”

City make an early return for pre-season with the squad reassembling on June 24.