THE Bradford club hit the jackpot at the Manor House Farm trial venue high on the hills above Glusburn village for its Novice and Beginners Championship meet.

The sun beamed down on the eight-section trial course above the farm and the Pennine scenery for miles afforded fine views of Bronte country.

Forty-eight competitors had a choice of three section routes.

Class A youngster Oliver Winstanley won the hard route class on a crucial dab in the final section, on lap three while his adult rivals Robert Berry and Richard Pearson incurred their single mark on lap one in the same section.

Significantly Winstanley as the top Class A rider in the last Bradford event.

The top expert was Phil Disney who stopped in the last section on lap one. The Crossroads rider was giving a Beta an airing instead of his Repsol Montesa.

Ironically it was a Lampkin who beat him, one Alfie Lampkin who was also giving national Ladies Inter champion Beth Dunning a hard time.

But for a stop in the last section Master Lampkin rode the entire course clean.

Naturally Fraser Lampkin was not going to be overshadowed by big brother Alfie and literally ran off with the 50/50 class honours finishing 24 marks in front of his adult rival Niven Smith.

Only four riders contested the Easy route which was won by Allerton's Oliver Petty. His brother Charlie won Class C in the 50/50 class.

Results: Hard course: Expert: Phil Disney (Beta) 6.

Novices: 1 Robert Berry (Beta) 1, 2 Richard Pearson (Beta) 1, 3 Howard Dixon (Gas Gas) 2.

Youth Class A: 1 Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 1, 2 Harry Sutcliffe (Beta) 158.

Youth Class B: Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 5 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 39, 3 Josh Pearson (Beta) 39

50/50 course: Novices: 1 Niven Smith (Beta) 34, 2 Steve Wicks (Sherco) 35, 3 Karl Smith (Montesa) 38.

Youth Class C: 1 Fraser Lampkin (Beta) 10, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 50, 3 Jack Pullan (Beta) 78.

Easy courses: Novice: Andy Baker (Beta) 52. Youth Class C: 1 Oliver Petty (Beta) 7, 2 Ben Sutcliffe (Beta) 96. Youth Class D: Issac Reeday (Oset) 24

Meanwhile, the Scarborough Club's Championship, held on Sunday, begins to hot up as Bradford rider Charlie Smith put in an appearance at Harwood Dale and grabbed top spot in the expert class from home grown talent Zac Collinson aboard the All Speed Gasser.

Collinson hit trouble on the difficult sixth with a double figure loss compared to Smith`s masterly ride.

Results: Experts: 1 Charlie Smith (Beta) 13, 2 Zac Collinson (Gas Gas) 23.

Intermediate: 1 Barrie Darrell (Beta) 13, 2 Mike Noble (TRS) 16, 2 Gary Collinson (Gas Gas) 24.

Results for the West Leeds Motor Club trial at Skyrakes on Sunday and the Richmond Motor Club annual Blue Bar Trial at Horsehouse were not available in time for inclusion.