THE Women's National League Championship Playoff comes to Valley Parade this weekend.

Northern Premier Division winners Blackburn Rovers and Southern Prem champions Coventry will come head-to-head in Bradford on Saturday to battle for ultimate glory.

Both have already successfully been promoted to the F.A. Women's Championship, but victory in this symbolic final will see one of the sides crowned as the best-of-the-best at this level.

National League Chairwoman Carol West admitted the home of Bradford City was the obvious choice judging on how keen the club were to support the women's game.

She said: "We have the obvious luxury of being able to move our showcase event around the country.

"It was previously played towards the south and the midlands, so we decided to look towards bringing it to the north of the country.

"We spoke to a couple of clubs, but Bradford shone out.

"As soon as we asked if they were interested in hosting it, we couldn't contain them really - they really jumped on-board.

"Not only just delivering and hosting the event, but also what they've said they were going to do to support the event, just really clinched the deal for us.

"We were really pleased with the reaction that we got."

It's not just the National League who were impressed with City.

West said both Blackburn and Coventry were thrilled to hear of the venue, while also being excited to battle it out for the bragging rights of national champions.

She added: "Bradford is a legend, in a football sense anyway - it's certainly a household name.

"It's a very well-known name and it's played at the highest levels.

"Valley Parade's got a long history attached to that as well - so it is a very well-known club."

Bradford City Women haven't been so fortunate this season though and ended at the campaign at the foot of the Northern Premier Division table without a point to shout about.

It is a somewhat transitioning period for the side who have undergone a huge turnover in personnel over recent years.

But, West believes the Bantams can get back to the big-time and come back stronger because they've done it before.

She said: "They've got the players, a team, to play for Bradford - they've got some really committed staff.

"Albeit she's retiring, they've had a real legend in Sally Thackray - driving the club for many years.

"I think she'll be sadly missed, but I don't think she's probably going to ever be able to fully retire.

"They've got the infrastructure and also they've got the links with the main club and that's so important now for women's clubs.

"They can bring a lot to Bradford City and I think that working together, you'll probably see that Bradford over the next three or four seasons will do quite well."

The woman's game generally is going from strength to strength in the north as well, says West.

She added: "We've got some really thriving clubs there - our divisions are full, we've got clubs knocking on the door wanting to come in.

"That shows the strength and development is there, so women's football is thriving."