GARY Bowyer will continue to use Andy Todd as a sounding board after admitting his former assistant was a victim of City's relegation.

Todd left Valley Parade on Thursday after his short-term contract was not renewed. Anton McElhone, who was number two to David Hopkin, went at the end of last month.

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Bowyer is disappointed to see Todd go after the pair worked together at Blackpool.

But the Bantams boss insists they will stay in touch to help in his player search for next season.

Bowyer said: “It’s sad to see him leave but unfortunately we are a little bit victim of circumstances.

“There are always casualties when a club suffers relegation and unfortunately, Anton went earlier and Andy left on Thursday with his contract being up.

“He’s someone that’s got good knowledge, is very loyal and was someone I could lean on with Blackpool and in the short time we were together here.

“It’s important that you have that relationship in a club. But we’re both sensible enough and understand the game and how it is.

“I spoke to him yesterday morning and he will continue to help me with players because that’s the type of character he is.

“But if there is an opportunity for him to get in the game coaching or scouting, I would gladly give him the glowing reference that he richly deserves.”

Bowyer had warned that City dropping into League Two would see belts being tightened.

“It’s the same with other areas of the football club and the organisation,” he added. “As a result of what’s happened, you have to cut your cloth accordingly.

“I’ve been through it at both Blackburn and Blackpool and it’s important that people understand.

“Just because we got relegated and have sold 13,500 season tickets doesn’t give you any guarantees whatsoever.”

Bowyer has been in constant contact with agents as he looks to step up his recruitment programme – and says it has come a shock to hear some of the money being quoted.

“Being brutally honest, I’m finding it difficult at this moment in time with some of the figures that agents are requesting – and what clubs in League Two are willing to pay.

“From what I’m hearing, there are clubs who will certainly be paying a lot more than we will. It’s important that people understand that.

“I’ve had some agents coming on telling me ‘but you’re Bradford City’. Unfortunately, circumstances this season are not the same as they were last season.

“The financial situation is slightly different to what it was this time last year with the players that were brought in.”

Ambitious duo Fylde and Salford contest the National League play-off final at Wembley today and Bowyer predicts the winner could be a force to be reckoned with in League Two.

He said: “Both have got wonderful stadiums that have been financed recently.

“You look at the playing squads for both and whoever comes up are going to be competitive in our league, if not one of the leaders in terms of finances.”