CITY’S players will be educated about the Valley Parade fire before Saturday’s final home game.

Club chaplain Oliver Evans and player liaison manager Laura Hutchinson are talking to the squad today to tell them about the 1985 tragedy.

The traditional end-of-season silence will take place ahead of kick-off against Wimbledon to remember the 56 people who died on May 11 that year.

And City boss Gary Bowyer wants to make sure his players are well informed about the impact that the disaster continues to have on the community.

He said: “Obviously you are aware of the fire prior to coming into the club but the impact of it and the history is very clear.

“That’s why we’ve got Olly the chaplain and Laura talking to the players about it.

“I think it’s important they understand what the occasion is going to be on Saturday and how important it is, not just to the football club but the whole community of Bradford.

“We need to educate the players on that prior to the game.

“I’ve only been here a short period of time but the stories people have told me are incredible.

“It’s about us paying our respects properly on Saturday. I can only imagine it will be an emotional occasion and we’ve got to make sure the players understand that.

“They are going to explain in further detail what happened. It’s important for players at this club to know that.”

Bowyer was relieved to give the City fans a reason to smile by winning their final away game at Scunthorpe. Now he wants to follow that up by ending a dismal season on a positive note at home.

He added: “I understand the situation for the supporters but they took last Saturday in good spirit.

“They came in fancy dress and the noise they made just shows you that if we can be successful next season, what a better environment and atmosphere it will be.

“Last week was great and at the end I was delighted we could send them away with something to cheer. Hopefully we can do the same now for our home fans.

“I keep saying it since I arrived but I haven’t forgotten the noise in the stadium from it being full when I came with Blackpool in the first game of last season.

“It was a memory that stays with you. It’s something that we’re going to have to try to get back.

“We want to bring success to the club and get them cheering as well as we know they can do. It’s intimidating for the opposition.

“I know people say they’ll look forward to coming and playing in that. But at the same time if we’re on that front foot and showing the type of performances I hope we will bring next season then it can certainly be an advantage to us.”