CITY must discover a ruthless streak in both penalty areas, Gary Bowyer today demanded.

The Bantams could well be relegated over the Easter weekend after a six-game losing slump has cut them nine points adrift of safety.

But as they try to pick themselves up for the Good Friday clash at Coventry, Bowyer wants to see a harder edge to his team’s performance where it most matters.

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The City boss was again unhappy with the three goals they let in against Bristol Rovers at the weekend – and also felt they should have shown more intent in their own scoring positions.

Weaknesses at both ends of the pitch have been a recurring theme and Bowyer insists it cannot go on.

He said: “I think we are making progress in terms of how we want to play between both penalty boxes.

“The feedback I get off the media and the supporters is that they see what we’re trying to do.

“But it’s in both boxes where we have got to become harder, more ruthless, more aggressive and show more desire to put it in the back of one net and keep it out of ours.

“Unfortunately, that’s not happening at the moment.”

City have taken just two points from eight away games since they won 4-0 at second-from-bottom Rochdale in December, losing five on the trot.

They scored the opening goal at Bristol Rovers through Lewis O’Brien but again fell away to be beaten 3-2 in added time.

Bowyer admitted: “We can’t keep doing it. We’re having to try and score goals and are conceding ones that we class as poor.

“I’ve watched them all back again and all three are easily preventable.

“It’s probably down to a combination of everything. It’s bad decisions, it’s poor execution.

“But you’ve got to carry on doing your job to the best of your ability.

“We will keep working with them but it comes down to the players being accountable and responsible.”

City have a few early doubts for the holiday weekend from the Bristol Rovers defeat.

Eoin Doyle was struggling with a foot problem that meant he had to be subbed, Adam Chicksen took a knock and Paudie O’Connor suffered a blow to his arm late in the game.

Bowyer has been pleased with the standard of City’s general play as they look to adapt to the style he is looking to bring in. But they continue to struggle because of the slackness in the penalty areas.

He said: “It takes some courage and bravery what we’re asking them to do. We want them to keep the ball under pressure and pass it and play.

“That’s not easy, especially in the situation we are in. But that’s the way I want to play and that’s the way we’ll continue to play.

“I think it’s too easy to ask players to just boot the ball and take the element of risk out the game.

“As I’ve said, I wouldn’t want to watch that as a fan, so my team won’t do that.

“But my teams have got to be a lot more aggressive and a lot harder to beat than what we are at the moment.”