GARY Bowyer accused referee Andy Davies of “completely losing it” after the late drama in City’s defeat at Oxford.

Jamie Mackie struck the only goal deep in stoppage time as the Bantams dropped to bottom spot in League One.

But there were mad scenes when the officials appeared to overrule the goal and take play back for a goal kick at the other end.

That came after Lewis O’Brien had gone close to putting them in front – and there were some suggestions that Davies had initially even awarded a penalty for a challenge in the Oxford box.

The protests from both sides lasted around four minutes before Davies went with his original call – leaving Bowyer completely bemused.

The Bantams boss said: “It was absolute carnage.

“It was a horrible day and the conditions were terrible. We showed a different side from what I’d seen from them, in terms of being able to fight and compete.

“We played the ugly side of the game and I thought the defence and the goalkeeper were excellent.

“But we didn’t do enough going forward and the players will hold their hands up for that. They said so in the dressing room.

“But then we have our one moment when we break.

“Their centre half wipes out (Eoin) Doyle, which is a booking. The ref allows play on, which is fair enough.

“The ball goes across and O’Brien goes to tap it in the net. According to Lewis, he doesn’t think he’s touched it, so it’s gone out for a corner.

“The ref should go back and book (Curtis) Nelson, which he doesn’t, but gives the goal kick.

“There are players in the penalty box, which you’re apparently not allowed to have, and it didn’t go out the penalty area.

“They then go down that flank and the linesman stands still level with the 18-yard box and he’s talking down the mic about not taking the goal-kick properly.

“They have a shot that ricochets off (Jerome) Sinclair’s back. Richard O’Donnell has got it covered and then Mackie volleys it in.

“Then all chaos commenced. Three quarters of their dug-out were all the way down by the corner flag and nothing happens about that.

“So, the referee in terms of the rules and regulations has completely lost it.”

Bowyer admitted the players and staff were left in the dark at what was going on as Davies consulted with both of his assistants before eventually giving the Oxford goal.

“Nobody came and communicated anything,” he added. “The poor fourth official wasn’t being told either.

“The next minute we’re looking and Doyle’s got the ball in his hand as if it’s a penalty. It was complete chaos.

“He’s got the booking, the corner, the men in the box, the goal kick – for the ref not to know the rules at this level is a crime.”

Bowyer also revealed that Jack Payne had been ill during the week. The former Oxford loanee came off the bench late on.