FORMER Sheffield Wednesday striker Shefki Kuqi wants the City job – and has offered to do it for expenses.

The 42-year-old is keen to be the first Kosovan-born manager in the English league.

Kuqi, who also played for Crystal Palace, Blackburn and Ipswich, has all the necessary coaching qualifications.

He has put a team together with assistant manager Jonathan Hill, a former academy head coach at Manchester United and City, who was most recently working for Fulham.

Head of performance Tony Strudwick worked in the same role for 11 seasons with United.

A source close to Kuqi said: “We looked at Bradford on a couple of occasions during the season and feel they’ve got so much potential.

“We appreciate they’ve got a financial situation and will be reporting a loss in the region of £2 million.

“But we’ll be very happy to speak with Julian Rhodes on the basis that it’s not going to cost him huge money. Our purpose would be to get the club secure in that league immediately.

“We’re fully aware that Bradford will be speaking to people and there’s probably a shortlist going on right now.

“But I think our package would be one worth considering. Bradford City is a club with tremendous opportunity with the right infrastructure.”

Kuqi has four years of managerial experience in Finland with FC Honka, PK-35 Vantaa and FC Inter Turku. He is not looking to come back to England for the money.

“Financially we are successful within our own rights,” his spokesman told the T&A. “We want to be very different to a player simply wanting to be a manager for the purpose of having a job and an income.

“We want to be paid on a performance-related situation. We’re prepared to put our reputation on the line for Bradford in that regard.”