DAVID Hopkin has given City’s training ground a facelift to remind the players what the club means.

The Bantams boss has had images of Valley Parade put up around the building at their Apperley Bridge base to make it look more professional.

Pictures now adorn the players' canteen, the stairs leading up to the changing area and the corridors.

“It’s to make it more of a training centre,” he said.

“When we came in, you had these grey breeze block walls and I don’t think it was very inviting.

“We’ve managed to spend a few pounds in getting it up to scratch.

“It just makes it look that bit more professional. I think we’re getting it on the football side and now we can see it’s starting to look like a place where people want to come and work.”

The pictures are views of the stadium and deliberately steer away from focusing on individual players or teams.

Hopkin added: “It’s important they are here for the future. We didn’t want pictures of ex-players, ones from now, myself or anything like that.

“We want the training centre to become a place where the next person here will come in to a good environment.

“When I first came in, there was a lot of stuff lying about. It didn’t make it feel like a training ground – but it’s starting to get there now.

“I think it’s important that we get a connection with the club. There are one or two pictures still to go up and that will happen next week.

“It’s important the players realise the size of the club they are playing for and what it means for Bradford. There is a meaning behind every one of the pictures that we have put up.”