DO YOU remember any of the rugby players in these pictures?

Rod Lacey, who was secretary of Dudley Hill Thunderbirds women's team from 1986-1995, submitted the picture of the 1994 team.

He wrote: "During the last two or three years, women's rugby league has been in the news and promoted by Super League clubs.

But the women's league started out over 30 years ago in 1985, the Thunderbirds being founder members.

Forward-looking clubs like Bradford's Dudley Hill supported women's teams. Other enlightened clubs followed suit.

A thriving two-division league was organised along with Challenge Cup competitions, Yorkshire and Lancashire Cups, and international tours, home and away, to France, Australia and New Zealand.

Bradford Bulls in their hey days sponsored girls teams at under-14s and under-16s in a league format.

It does seem somewhat forgotten that those women and girls were well ahead of their time."

Adrian Cresswell sent in the photo from the T&A in 1978 of the two unbeaten teams from Cardinal Hinsley Grammar School, Tong.

There are some well known faces to try and spot – Gannon and Broady (back row), the long-serving Bees and later Bradford Salem half back partnership – plus Mick Gorman (front row), a West Bowling RL stalwart.

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