CITY can use the reaction to Edin Rahic’s exit as a motivational tool in their relegation battle.

The departure of the unpopular chairman has been greeted rapturously by Valley Parade fans after a miserable 2018.

And David Hopkin wants his side to embrace that positive vibe as they head in to a crucial run of Christmas games, starting at fellow strugglers Plymouth this weekend.

He said: “I can’t comment on everything that’s gone on previously because I’ve only been here three months.

“But it’s a positive thing now and you can see the reaction of the fans. We need to use that positivity to push us forward.

“The fans who have stayed away will probably come back in their droves now and it’s important we push together. We’ve got a clear passage of where we want to go now.

“I’ve been professional and so have the players but it’s always been something bubbling in the background.

“It never really affected us but I can understand some fans have stayed away. I just think it has cleared the air a wee bit.”

Hopkin is working closely with Julian Rhodes as he draws up targets for next month’s transfer window – and presented several names to owner Stefan Rupp when they met face-to-face for the first time on Tuesday.

The Bantams boss has been in regular phone contact with Rupp since taking the job in September and the German recently issued a statement backing him for the long term.

Hopkin added: “Everything has been positive in conversations we’ve had on the phone and it was the same thing the other day when we met with Julian.

“It was fantastic when Stefan came out and backed me a few weeks ago and he has reiterated everything he said then.

“He wants to give us the backing to try and get away from where we are in the league.

“Julian has stepped into the chief executive role and we will work together. We’ve got a good relationship.

“He’s a Bradford City fan and he was a co-owner so he’s very experienced. We’ve been working very closely since he came into the club, so I don’t think anything’s going to change from that perspective.

“We just want a new chapter now for the club to move forward.”

With Rahic gone, Hopkin welcomes the spotlight switching back totally on to his team’s battle to beat the drop from League One. Rhodes has braced fans to expect plenty of “wheeling and dealing” in the weeks ahead.

“The football side will be mine and the business side Julian’s,” said Hopkin. “Obviously, we’ll make sure we get the right type of players and the finances are done properly.

“That’s the way I’ve always worked and it’s the same with Julian.

“I’ve presented some players to Julian and Stefan and it’s something we’re working at and hopefully will get done in January.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve just been myself with no interference from anyone.

“But everything is going to be put on me now and the football side of it.

“We deserve great backing, especially Stefan for what he has done and Julian.

“With fans coming back, we need to make sure we use it as a motivation to move forward and make this club better.”