PAUL Caddis has lifted the lid on the “dog eat dog” world of a free agent.

City’s recent recruit is happy to be bossed about again as he slips back into the environment he has known from his days as an apprentice.

Caddis admits he missed the regimental approach of being a footballer during his three-month spell without a club – something he is glad to finally put behind him.

“It’s been difficult not being involved,” he said.

“I’ve spent the last 14 years under a regime of ‘do this, do that, be there at this time’. Suddenly that goes and you’ve got too much time on your hands.

“You end up over-thinking things and it becomes hard.”

Caddis made an immediate impact for City at Peterborough last week and, having had to sit out the FA Cup because he had not been signed before the original tie, he will return fresh for the key home clash with Oxford.

Having signed to the end of the season, the Scot is relieved to be rid of the uncertainty of free-agency – and constantly wishing bad luck on others to give himself an opportunity.

He added: “Somebody says they like you and will bring you in and then the team wins a game and things change.

“It’s not a nice thing but I guarantee a lot of other players out of contract are looking for a bit of bad luck or an injury to give them a chance.

“It’s horrible but you’re out of a job and it’s dog eat dog. You’ve still got to provide for your family.

“So maybe you’re looking for a change of manager or somebody coming in you know.

“It was like, I had a chance to go to a club in the Championship. Then they go and win a game that Saturday and everything changes.”

Prior to the draw at Posh, Caddis had played only once this season. But that Carabao Cup outing for Blackburn against Lincoln in August just before his contract was mutually cancelled came at a price.

Football Association rules prevent players from appearing for three different clubs in the same season – so it effectively ruled him out of taking a short-term offer until the mid-season transfer window.

“That was the problem,” he said. “I had a few clubs who wanted to take me up to January and then look at it again.

“But I couldn’t do that. A couple of teams maybe needed a full back for six weeks but then the others would come back from injury or whatever and the club would question ‘why do we need two or three right backs?’

“I couldn’t take the risk of going anywhere to January because if I didn’t stay there, that would mean me out the game for another five months.

“But I’m glad I just bided my time with how it’s turned out at Bradford.”

Caddis had no previous experience of working with Hopkin but already senses the head coach is a strong enough character for the tough job of keeping City in League One.

He added: “I didn’t know David at all other than he got a double promotion at Livingston.

“He’s Scottish as well so that helps because we understand each other!

“But I heard about his values and his work ethic. He says it how it is.

“It’s been difficult for him because every manager likes different players and he’s not had a (transfer) window.

“Maybe he’ll bring in a few fresh faces come January. But I think we’ve shown what the players here are capable of.”