ALMOST three decades on and the annual Bob Owen Memorial Trial added yet more cash to needy causes, featuring a second-placed finish for Cowling's Nathan Wrigglesworth.

The figure donated to date after 29 charity trials is now hovering on the £60,000 mark.

Held traditionally near the Remembrance Day date, the event attracted an increase in entries to 108 competitors ranging from four-year-old beginners to old timer well into their pensions.

The Horsforth backroom boys and girls were on top of their duties and the trial ran with almost military precision with a start time of 11am when 14 small wheels girls and boys competitors headed west on the huge Parkwood Off Road Centre estate well away from the 94 main course contenders.

Small wheels trial expert Chris Fannon plotted and ran the small wheels contestants over a compact six-section four-lap course.

The main 14-section course saw experience triumphed over youth when Dan Hemingway won the R.G. Owen Salver.

Falcon teenager Will Tolson was the major threat. Both started badly with a a single penalty in the first section where observer Steve Hirst watched Wrigglesworth set the benchmark that was promptly matched by Guiseley duo Danny Cockshott and Louis Haley.

Hemingway was stung by his debit level and rode to Graham Wilson’s eighth without loss only to stop on steep rock slab climb.

Harry Hemingway, the East Keswick national Class B champion was placed eighth in the expert class. Fewston electrician James Noble won Clubman A and with it the Matt Shelley Cup with a sterling ride on his Montesa 4RT from Neil Gaunt and his Beta four-stroke and significantly Chris Beecroft weighed in with a third place result.

Results: Hard course: Experts: 1 Dan Hemingway (Beta) 9 (R.G. Owen Salver), 2 Nathan Wrigglesworth (Beta) 24.

Inters: 1 Louis Haley (Montesa) 30, 2 Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 34, 3 Tom Rushton (Montesa) 36.

Novices: 1 William Tolson (Beta) 14, 2 James Lovell (Gas Gas) 25, 3 Phil Howlett (Beta) 49.

Youth Class A: Harvey Taglione (Gas Gas) 103.

Youth Class B: 1 Harry Hemingway (Beta) 47, 2 Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 102 Clubman A:

Novices: 1 Chris Beecroft (TRS) 8, 2 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 9, 3 Steven Fowler (Gas Gas) 11.

Over 50 1 James Noble (Montesa) 2 (Matt Shelley Cup), 2 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 3, 3 Robert Hardisty (Beta) 12.

Youth Class A: 1 George Hemingway (Beta) 10, 2 Charlie Crossland (Beta) 50, Youth Class B: 1 Henry Stephenson (Beta) 24, 2 Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 24, Clubman B:

Novices: 1 Michael Platts (Honda) 4 (Harry Wright Shield), 2 Gary Rushton (Vertigo) 9, 3 John Wilkinson (Beta) 9.

Over 60s: 1 Paul Hobson (TLM) 9, 2 Mick Kettlewell (TRS) 9, 3 Mick Ward (Beta) 11.

Pre- 65: Steve Gossop (BSA) 17 (Maurice English Shield).

Youth Class AL Will Smith (Beta) 71. Youth Class B: 1 Mason Carter (Beta) 11, 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 28, 3 Jack Bennett (Beta) 31. Youth Class C: 1 Freddie Stephenson (Beta) 17, 2 William Sagar (Beta) 33, 3 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 63.

Small Wheels: Red route: 1 Charlie Petty 20, Harrison Lightfoot 33, 3 Jonnie Fannon 33 (All Beta).

Yellow route: 1 Joel Isherwood (Oset) 0, 2 Arthur Wright (Oset) 4, Callum Edmundson (Beta) 8. White route: 1 Ruby Lawrie 1, 2 Alanna Eagleton 7, 3 Aiden Richardson 8 (All Oset).