SILSDEN’S Dougie Lampkin became the oldest winner aged 42 of the Richmond Motor Club’s annual Scott Trial for sixth time in most diabolical weather conditions on record.

The 200 contestants left the start area on Feldom Range at 9am to ride 80 miles totally off-road against the clock and the elements.

Visibility was less than 50 metres in places. Torrential rain brought some stream sections up to a metre in depth.

Three sections were impassable and the advance party of officials had to alter 20 sections.

Six previous winners but it was Denby Dale JST Gas Gas’s Jack Price who set the standard time. He started off one minute and twenty seconds of ahead five times winner Lampkin and blazed a trail through 78 sections to set a time of 5.07.17.

That time penalised the entire field but the canny Lampkin kept Price in sight all the way and his time penalty was a mere five.

The remaining 80 finishers incurred time penalties running into three figures so Price won the time race but not the trial which was down to section penalties and won by Lampkin from Jack Peace and James Dabill, who overcame a detached rear tyre on his Beta machine.

The Leeds rider incurred 22 time penalties but was third best on observation behind Lampkin and Jack Peace. The retirement number was 60 per cent which was not much above the normal numbers. For Jack Price it was memorable day, fastest on time, second overall, member of the JST Gas Gas winning manufacturer’s team with past winner Michael Brown and Dan Peace.

Results: 1 Lampkin (Vertigo) 5+51= 56. 2 Jack Price (JST Gas Gas) 0 +66 = 66, 3 James Dabill (Beta) 22=58=80. 4 Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas) 29+56=85, 5 Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 21+61=87, 6 Guy Kendrew (Beta) 25+67=92.

After getting his hands on the famous Alfred Scott Memorial Trophy, Lampkin said. "It was hard to make a difference today as it was a case of just making it through some sections as the water was as deep as I have ever seen it in some places. Thankfully with no carburetor and a high level airbox the Vertigo ran perfectly all day even when the water was up and over the fork yolks.

"It‘s been a real battle out there today, and I mean a battle so congratulations to all the riders who made it to the finish and a big thanks to all the observers who have been stood out in the rain for several hours.

"Each year it becomes harder to beat the younger guys, but again I have shown I can still compete with them and even beat them too.

"To win both the Scottish and the Scott again at this stage in my career is massive and is something I am very proud of, especially when I don‘t know how many more years my body is going to stand up to that kind of beating."