CEFAS (Centre for Environmental, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) inspectors have visited Kippax Park, and it would seem that the fish deaths have peaked, and also that the KHV (Koiherpesvirus) has been confined to one lake only. However, net dips must be used wherever they are provided.

Result of the charity match on the Nunmonkton lengths of the Ouse and Nidd Mouth: 1 T Hewson 12lb 5oz, 2 P Baron 11lb, 3 S Thompson 9lb 12oz. Result of the match at Ulleskelf on the Lower Wharfe: 1 D Hare 22lb 4oz, 2 G Bass 11lb 7oz, 3 D Forkin 8lb 13oz. Result of the match on the match pool at Moor Monkton: 1 S Cromie 119lb 5oz, 2 B Fisk 88lb 14oz, 3 T Bainbridge 52lb 14oz. Result of the Wednesday match fished on all the pools: 1 M Gallagher 177lb 9oz, 2 G Rhodes 87lb 1oz, 3 P Gallagher 69lb 5oz, 4 G Watson 68lb 15oz. Result of last Sunday's match: 1 B Fisk 101lb 15oz, 2 L Myers 63lb 11oz, 3 T Bainbridge 56lb 7oz.


It's been a bit cooler this week as autumn takes a firmer hold, but generally fine angling weather. Rivers have been fining down all week after the rainfall of Storm Ali and spates last weekend. Forecast for the coming week – the last of the trout season, which ends on Sunday – is for fairly sunny but cool and dry conditions, but with potential for some light rain on Sunday morning and strong breezes during the day.

We‘ve not seen many reports from anglers this week. However, fish continue to come out from our lengths on the Swale at Topcliffe, including chub, perch, roach and double-figure barbel. Such reports add to our confidence that the recent stay of the seal hasn't harmed the fishing or fish populations too greatly.

At Shipton, our head bailiff James Lynch managed a ‘sneaky couple of hours’ to net a good carp. David Green was one of eight anglers visiting the Aire at Gargrave in midweek and had trout and grayling to the net, including a personal best, caught on recently-learned nymphing methods. Meanwhile, in dropping water on our Ribble length at Skirbeck – traditionally a salmon and chub water – Stephen Brown returned a 6lb trout, as well as other trout and grayling, on double maggot trotted in a swim which usually produces chub.

We held our annual meeting on Wednesday night at Laisterdyke Cricket & Athletic Club and had a good turnout of members. Jim Munden did not stand again for president in 2019 and the role will now be filled by Alan Robinson, alongside his position as chairman. No-one wished to stand as match secretary, but although the role remains vacant, match dates will be published in the 2019 yearbook in case a replacement can be found. We were pleased to welcome Stephen Brown and Chris Tribe onto the general committee.

The meeting discussed a number of propositions. Only barbless or de-barbed hooks will be allowed at any time on club fisheries at Gargrave and Worton Bridge. The proposition to ban worm fishing at Buckden was rejected, though we will now only allow upstream worming in high water levels. The meeting rescinded three proposals agreed last year on keep-nets, landing nets and unhooking mats, and changed the rules slightly regarding use of zig rigs at Shipton. These changes will be included in 2019 yearbooks – on sale via online shop and agents from late November.

Our next match, planned for Saturday, October 6 at Staveley Lakes has been cancelled, due to the match secretary’s role being vacant. If you have any queries, or are willing to be match secretary, please call Jim Munden on 07940-814431.


Well done to Andy Miller, who took the Calder Championship in Sunday's big-money match with a weight of 21lb 14oz. Andy fished whip and maggot to catch roach from the in-form John Cotton's stretch and

take home the £600 first prize. Result: 1 A Miller 21lb 14oz, 2 T Earnshaw 18lb 2oz (on the same stretch), 3rd A Sugden 16lb 13oz, 4 D Pitt 16lb 9oz, 5 T Peters 15lb 12oz, 6 M Webb 15lb 2oz. Result of last weekend's carp match at Knotford: 1 Curtis Hitchmough 23lb 4oz (six fish, overall winning total 120lb 10oz, 2 Reece Lisle 18lb (single fish), 3 David Jarvis 15lb 8oz (single fish).

Some sections of the River Calder will be closed on Sunday for the

final round of the Calder League. Team standings: 1 Calder 8 27pts, 2 Mirfield 25½, 3= Punky's 8, Drennan Barnsley 25.

Club membership for the remainder of the year will be half price from next week, meaning that senior membership will cost £25 and juniors £2.50. Yearbooks can be bought online on at www.bradfordno1.com or from Simon Freer (07714-662783).


Fishing on the west coast around Rhyl is tailing off now, with many species going offshore into deep water. On the east coast around Whitby, anglers continue to catch cod, pollock and ling on the hard ground and on distant wrecks. Reports from one boat on the west coast of Ireland, only about a mile offshore, is of a good bluefin tuna season, with eight or nine fish in a session (up to 500lb in total), and the odd bigger one, with many double hook-ups. The good thing is that they are returned alive, so it looks like tuna fishing could be commonplace around the shores of Ireland. We may run a trip for them in the future. Our next general meeting is on Tuesday, October 16 at the New Inn, East Bierley (8pm). New members will be made most welcome.


Result of the canal open, which was fished in wind and rain in the final stages and was switched from Rodley to Armley (all competitors weighed in in difficult conditions): 1 J Mason 2lb 10oz, 2 M Paton 1lb 12oz, 3 B Lowthian 1lb 5oz, 4 E Harrison 1lb 3oz. Next week's open match is also at Armley (draw 10am). This is followed by a fixture at the Aire Valley Marina length. Several local anglers have been obtaining decent catches from localised lengths of the canal. A reminder that the trout season closes at the end of September.


Result of Sunday's match at Sunnydale: 1 A.Healy 4lb14 (including bream of 3lb 8oz), 2 A Greenwood 4lb 1oz (including perch of 2lb 11oz), 3 I.Neads 3lb 8oz. The rivers should be at a good level after the recent rain for trout anglers before the season closes on Sunday. Anyone wishing to submit an entry for the specimen fish trophy should do so before the end of October.


Result of our match at Birkwood Farm: 1 Martin Sereika 47lb 5oz, 2 Bernie Hook 43lb 9oz, 3 Barry Frankland 41lb 15oz. Our next match will be this year's Christmas Cheer match on the Oak Lake at Forest Lane on Sunday, October 21. Can members please let Mick or Geoff know if you will be fishing.