SIR - I was privileged to attend a grand “showcase” exhibition featuring 22 of rugby league's most famous historical trophies at the Bradford City Hall recently.

What a “show-stopping” occasion this was for hundreds of people who were visiting the rugby league display in the Lord Mayor's rooms as part of the Sneak and Peak open day at the stately City Hall.

The exhibition included two World Cups, the Super League Trophy, two Challenge Cups, the old Championship Trophy, the Regal Trophy and both the Lancashire and Yorkshire Cups.

Credit to John Ledger and staff at Rugby League Cares for getting involved to promote the game and its great history and for allowing the public access to a unique collection of silverware.

The thrill and enjoyment of visitors was palpable; they were all so happy to get a photo of the famous cups with family and friends.

Let us hope we can see a similar collection of trophies to mark the opening of the planned National RL Museum in 2021 at the same venue.

Simon Foster (son of Trevor Foster MBE)

Beverley, East Riding