JOHN Kear is going to have to put on his mathematician's hat this week.

With Joe Keyes available again after resting due to a head injury, the Bulls chief not only has the Londoner available but also Dane Chisholm and Jordan Lilley for the Betfred League One clash at North Wales Crusaders on Sunday.

Looking back at the 46-0 home win over Whitehaven last weekend, Kear said: "The team were good, and Jordan was an integral part of it.

"He offers something a little different from Joe Keyes, but I am looking forward to getting Joe back out there as well.

"I will have to attempt to figure out a way of getting him back on the field of play for this weekend as he has now fully recovered from his head injury.

"He could have played against Whitehaven but with the riches that we have with Chisholm and Lilley, we decided to give him an extra week but he will certainly be ready for this weekend.

"He will be itching and ready to go and I am expecting him to play well.

"It is a conundrum to fit him in but it is a good conundrum."

There were fears over Chisholm when he went off with a head injury in the first half against Whitehaven, but the Australian re-appeared for the start of the second half.

Kear said: "Dane had a head injury assessment and passed it with flying colours – in fact we are thinking of putting him in for University Challenge!"

The experienced coach also explained why the Bulls went for a try from a penalty and why they went for a kick at goal from Chisholm which made it 18-0 during the impressive win over the Cumbrians.

Kear said: "You can either have a mathematician's decision, which is looking at the scoreboard, or a footballer's decision.

"We ran it earlier because we had had three sets on their line and we sensed that they were ready to go, but we had defended four sets and broken away and won a penalty, and then you take the two because it gives them a minute's respite and the chance to get some oxygen in their lungs as well as adding to the scoreboard, so that was the reasoning behind the two decisions.

"I would like to think that both of those decisions paid off because we scored in that set of six and later posted the two points and then had enough energy to finish the half off really well."