KAI Bruenker apologises for pausing the interview to check the translation App on his phone.

The big striker’s English is coming on well but he admits he is still adapting to life away from Germany.

But while Bruenker occasionally has to search for the right words, he has no problem understanding the philosophy head coach Michael Collins is bringing to Valley Parade.

“Micky is a really good gaffer,” he said. “He takes the time with the players and wants to perfect the style of football.

“It is really important to me that the gaffer is motivated to give information to each player.

“He is really good when he speaks to the team and is very clear so that you understand your job. It’s good to hear and you know exactly what you have to do.”

Bruenker may be built in the mould of an old-fashioned target man but he is comfortable with the pressing method of football that City’s coaching staff are trying to instil.

“I come from Freiburg and we played that style of football. We just circulated the ball and we were doing well.

“To win the ball back with the pressing, you must be fast in your head and fit in your body. This is what I don’t have at the moment but that will come step by step.”

Bruenker admits to a bit of pre-season soreness after returning from the ankle injury that cut short his first campaign at the club. But he feels he is getting there.

“The ankle has repaired and is good again. It’s normal to feel a little bit of pain but I need to keep training to improve my fitness.

“I didn’t have an operation but the ligaments were bruised and for four weeks I had to rest it and was completely out of football.

“I then started running again for four weeks in the summer and I think I’m catching up with the fitness now.

“It was difficult for me when I got injured because we were doing well as a team and had played five games without losing.

“It was really cool to play in the first team and I was starting to get momentum.

“I had so wanted to play that I was burning inside to go on the pitch and show what I can do. But I hope this season that I can find myself in the team again.

“I know that you must give everything to play. You must give your heart and earn the chance to get the kit and wear the badge and always work for it.”

The Valley Parade jury remains out on the January signing, whose arrival in the transfer window preceded Stuart McCall’s sacking.

Simon Grayson then gave Bruenker the opportunity to partner Charlie Wyke at a time when the pitch was suitable only for route one. Now he is starting again with the triumvirate of Collins, Martin Drury and Greg Abbott. Bruenker, though, is a more confident figure heading into his second season in England.

“I was very nervous when I first came here because everything was new. But this time when I flew away from Germany, it gave me a good feeling because I know what’s happening here in Bradford, the people and how the training is.

“I came to the club at a bad time when we were losing a lot of games. It was a bit strange to then have another gaffer and starting again.

“But now with Micky, Martin and Greg we have three really good people who know the football.

“They have a plan to play modern football and I think that will work out well.

“Typical English football is to take the ball from the defender and shoot it up front to the centre forward. But when you have a plan like us, you have an advantage.

“It’s completely different to last season. But we come back to the style of football.

“When we get this into the team, we will do really well.

“People always say ‘oh no’ but we know we can be good in this league.”

Bruenker’s immediate ambition is to score that elusive first goal in a City shirt.

A quick tap on the App brings a quizzical look. “When I score,” he asks, “it says I will ‘burst the knot’?

“You say, break my duck! Yes, I work every game to do that.

“I’m still adapting to the conditions but that will hopefully come. It’s happened at every club where I’ve been, I’ve given it everything and it works.

“I made an assist against Sheffield United last week and hopefully the next one is a goal.”