GREG Abbott hopes you will be hearing a lot less of him this season.

Because that will mean that things are going along nicely for City.

Thankfully well on the way back from prostate cancer, Abbott is happy to be the third man in the coaching trio that will lead the club’s aspirations.

He will let Michael Collins and his assistant Martin Drury take the lead – unless results get a bit sticky.

"You will probably hear me more when we are getting beaten than you would if we were winning,” he said.

“Because if we are winning, I will let the two lads take all the plaudits and will sit nicely behind.

“If we are having a tough time, you will see me come to the fore and show what I am made of.

"With my illness, I listened from a distance to what was going on. Edin was speaking to the two lads (Collins and Drury) and they were creating an impression on him.

“With him looking at other people and not finding exactly what he wanted and those two impressing, he spoke to me and prepared me for working alongside somebody. Not even these guys at first.

"I have done every role from player to manager and everything else in between now.

“I just want the club back on its feet and a positive perception out there and the morale to be good within the club.”

With his five-year experience of the Carlisle hot-seat, and the caretaker spell in the void between Stuart McCall and Simon Grayson, Abbott would be an obvious choice to step up again if Collins does not work out.

But he insists he had no intention of pushing for the top job when it was available – and would not risk his well-being by doing it again.

"I really did not want to be a number one. I have turned down three or four jobs and not had that much interest with all the aggravation that comes with it.

“Everyone knows how to do your job. One week, you are a great guy, the next week you are an idiot.

“I cannot cope with that because deep down, I think I am a decent type of character and a decent lad. That frustrates me and has got to me.

“Health-wise, am I ready to do that straightaway? Probably not.

“I spoke to Edin about my role and I did not want to be considered.

"I am here now as an assistant head coach to impart a little bit of help to these two lads and I hope to get them to try and finish at 6pm and not midnight as they a little bit keen.

"They have energy, knowledge and new ideas and are fresh. They have no fear.

“They weren't applicants to the job or looking for the post. It developed into a situation that Edin thought might work and it has taken an element of risk.

"I will support and add my little bits as and when I am needed and hopefully, it is the right information.”

Recent signings have generated more optimism among supporters but a sceptical view of City and chairman Edin Rahic hangs over from last season’s implosion. Abbott admits it has been upsetting to see the fanbase divided.

"I don't want anyone at the club criticised if I am honest,” he added. “I just want everyone to enjoy the game and what Bradford City is all about.

“We want to bring back good times and if you can't bring back fantastic football and winning every single match, at least bring back a place where everybody belongs, wants to be part of and shows unity.

“A lot of things have been said and written about Edin. Listen, he is different.

“But a lot of things have been wide of the mark and I think that has been unfair.

“Once things get momentum with social media, suddenly you have a crescendo of 'what are we doing, what is the club playing at?'

"We have got to try and bring it all together, that's the key for me. It hurts me to see the club divided.

“Not a lot knocks me down. My illness did but football – good and bad – never has.

“I have always bounced back and that is what I want to put to the lads and players.”