JOHN Kear was unhappy with the speed of the rucks as the Bulls beat Newcastle 24-4 at Odsal.

The League One leaders made it 11 wins on the bounce against a dogged Thunder.

But Kear felt the contest was spoiled because the rucks were taking so long.

He said: “Some of them were ridiculously slow and nothing was done about it.

“It just makes the game stop-start and slow and it’s not good viewing for any Thunder fans, Bulls fans or neutral fans. Because it’s slow in that area, you just can’t generate any momentum.

“You can’t really play and it makes it a slog. That’s what it was.

“Officials need to be consistent in their application of the laws when it is at the ruck. I’ve spoken to the referee and expressed my feelings.

“Everybody who watched the game will have seen that it was a very slow ruck.

“When it’s dry and fine, you want to see entertaining rugby league and the ball fizz about. You want a bit of speed in the play.

“But it was very pedestrian and I think that’s down to the ruck speed.”